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Has passed sweeping gun laws to outlaw military style. Weapons less than a month after shootings at two mosques left fifty people dead the Bill passed by a vote of one hundred nineteen to one in the house of representatives. It needs the approval of New Zealand's governor-general that's a formality before becoming law on Friday. Anyone who retained such a weapon after the law, formerly passes on Friday faces a penalty of two five years in prison. Sara Gilbert is leaving the daytime talk show she helped launch she announced Tuesday on CBS as the talk that she's decided to exit as a co host because she has a packed work and personal schedule Gilbert who produces and stars on ABC's, the Connor said her life was slightly out of balance. She wasn't spending enough time with her three children. She said lamenting she had yet to make her four year olds baby book, there are also other producing an acting opportunities demanding her attention. She said she will finish out the current and nine season of the talk and plans to return as a guest co host so far no replacements been named another co host Julie Chen left last fall following sexual misconduct allegations against her husband, former CBS chief executive, Leslie Moonves. Singapore has seized more than twenty eight tonnes of pangolin scales. Over the past week. That's a global record that spurred calls for more protections for the animals, the scales were found in shipping containers and have been linked to four species of pangolins native to Africa officials found a record fourteen point two tonnes of the scales. Hidden among packets of frozen beef on April third five days later, they found fourteen more tons in four hundred seventy four bags in another container. The national park sports investigating the investigators. I'm Jacky Quin with an AP news minute. Attorney general William Barr told lawmakers today he's begun an investigation into whether proper procedure was followed at the start of the Russia investigation and the 2016 Trump campaign t I think there's spying did occur. Yes. I think spying did occur. He says he is still working to release much of the special counsel's report within about a week European Union leaders and Britain have agreed to allow another Brexit extent. Move to October thirty first giving more time for parliament to find the best possible solution. If you own a Ford f one fifty twenty fifteen through twenty nineteen model, you might be under recall. Our my campaign reports. The automaker says the recalls to fix problems with engine block heater cables that can cause fires dealers are replacing them. Rough driving with heavy snow in south and North Dakota from a spring storm. I'm Jacky Quin. AP digital news back in a moment..

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