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Have to imagine that he probably is like us. A child of nineties independent cinema and the biggest influence. I i detect in this show or the thing that i would say. Do you like this. Then you'll like that is. Do you like early. Richard linklater by. Do you like people hanging out and trying to make sense of the world around them and if you do please check this out and if you don't check it out either way but you know one of the things that's been sort of not nagging at me but i have noticed over the last couple of the shows that we've talked about this year of several of the shows that we've talked about this year. Is the dead body in the beginning. The the mystery that we're trying to solve even when you're like did this show needs to be a murder mystery or does it. I am referring to white lotus but there are others and so far there is nothing like that for reservation dogs and i would say the second episode which is basically a day spent outside of a health clinic in oklahoma and say this but the first two episodes available. Now think it isn't fx on hulu exclusive so you have to have hulu to be able to watch it. Yes i would just say that. It's it literally like everything happens but nothing happens. It's just the way for teenagers. spend today and there's a little miracles and there's a lot of comedy and there's a little bit of drama in a little bit of sadness but features really great cam cami. I don't know if he's going to be recurring or not. But bobby lee who is really funny. Comedian and has an awesome podcast. Tiger belly plays a doctor working the clintons. Amazing who's fucking hilarious. Yeah i don't know i just. I really liked this show. I love the richard linklater. Call it. i think that's exactly right. It's five and you're either here for it or you're not and you can settle into it and it's so pleasurable to know it's out there. I think the other bona fides that. I would shout out about sterling harjo. Who he you know. I'd never encountered as work before it. All it's not just the indie filmmaker stuff which is prevalent. It's also the comedy stuff. Because he's in comedy group while the fourteen ninety one's native american sketch comedy group. One of the other members of the group is a guy named Dallas gold tooth. Who plays a very very important character on the show which is the sort of the warrior. He's the warriors spirit that keeps coming to our main character. Barely knocked down believable. It is just like these guys know what's funny too and you can see it not just in the sort of the the relaxed way. That jokes are set up and deployed but also in the casting on the margins. Like you said. It's not bobby lee shows up and briar patch. Alum kirk fox. He's agreeing no. But no better dirtbag Like i was gonna say as an actor but maybe in life Shows up in the first episode and most of all the things that i really wanna shout out that makes me feel just really good about the show and excited about the show is the great actor is on mclernon who people. No i think from his brilliant turns in fargo season to and people shut out his episode of westworld. I think as one of the best individual episodes of the series and he's an incredibly evocative dramatic actor. That's all we've ever seen him do so far. he's in both of these episodes. I don't know if he's going to be recurring hopefully recurring beyond that. He's the town cop. He's hilarious any such great energy. And maybe i'm reading too much into it. It's very possible. But the energy that i feel from his performance is just like finally. Someone's gonna let me do this. You know finally. I can just be a different kind of guy and have a different kind of intensity and have fun doing it and and from what. I'm understand. the show was shot on location in oklahoma. And you that's shouldn't take for granted like there's a reason why most networks and services and i say this taking no checks or fx disney whatsoever. But even the most creatively empowered business affairs departments would at least run the powerpoint of how much money you could save if you shot the show in new york or georgia louisiana and they didn't and it's awesome. It's cool. I i love it because it it just. It just bubbled up. I can't wait to watch more and these kids are really good. The lead the lead guy plays bear to faira whatever is like. Oh he's really good. This kid is maybe going to be an incandescent shining star because he's just incredibly charismatic and good-looking seems to be able to just hang. Who knows it's fun to be early on all of it. A real breath of fresh air. I'm so glad. I'm so glad it's on and to talking about it more. Do you want to do. What's our world if this listen show that really scratches all your pet peeves. So you texted me and you're like this. This is like every every box of things you hate about popular culture. Which i i'd taken strive but also i would say probably not like i'm totally fine. Delays through an animated. Like if i have to left to me is ocoee movie. You promised to watch. That's right you go first. Because i think you probably have a little bit more of a background. In what if as a comic series like with everything. We talk about this. There's there's it's a two track conversation the first track is just you know there's very little else to do but tip your dum dum dugan war cap and be like you guys. Have this unlock. You figure this out. When i became a comic fan when i was like thirteen or fourteen years old yes i thought. Wolverine was cool and cyclops and i thought the x. men were interesting in the idea of joining something in the middle that there was. Just you know at that point. Thirty years plus of history that i didn't even know about waiting to be discovered and how everything was connected. That was all thrilling. But the thing that sealed the deal for me was when might i probably my buddy masayuki gave me my first issue of x factor gave me an issue of what if which was an intermittently published comic by marvel that just let creators do exactly what the series does which is just go bananas on topics really big. I don't have the list of stories in front of me. But they were like what if i mean essentially version of it be like what if van os one but then other really dufy versions like what if the spider didn't bite peter parker it bit a dog and there was spider dog. I mean that wasn't sure you. But they could have been right. This sheer elasticity of this massive creative thing that held room with itself for high drama and also high comedy seriousness and absurdity. Everything that happened in a fictional world but also all the things that maybe could have happened in those things. Were secretly cooler. That really that did. That's when i became a huge fan and so the marvel current marvel entertainment team knowing that this is in their back pocket and also knowing that they were going to start doing multi-diverse storytelling. Why not and and more than why. Not do it as an cartoon. So you don't have to drag everyone back and you can get you know all these actors are coming through georgia anyway to do their various projects you pull them off into a booth for twenty minutes and that's how you get a single episode of a cartoon on disney pluess that has like more a-list stars in it in it's twenty four minutes than most live action things right. They all other than chris evans. I think they're all there right. Voicing their characters yeah. I can't bradley whitford. Was he in captain..

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