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She was just firing questions at me about you know the way I looked and again you know where your parents from. England show class language can have again. This is so good and sorry. You'll probably to jump in it, but. Geiger a wissant as will is face to face, and you could probably see me put my hand up as I go. How how long ago we got back here. And, he said I pay not the place in working now about four sir. Maybe five years ago I came. Right I'm going. Be Dead, honest Jackson. That was a lot of because of what will you know? The the terrorist attacks happening in London ed associate. You know somebody of your. Color Skin. Wearing what you're never associated. That may be without terrorism. Do you think that it was heightened? Because maybe things that were going on right then at this particular time. That's always cased on what I wear and my skin color has always been people stereoty. They look easy, and they base one bad person that may be. Linked to your religion or your culture or Whatever it is, whatever is, and then they pay you with that same brush. They feel that you will pour up that oil like something like that happens. I've been in so many situations where like. Attack happens, and I'd go into work and all. Look at me as like what's your? What's your take on it and as it on the spokesperson for every Black Brown Muslim you? Couldn't imagine how that must be yes, so. Yeah? I think generally I. Think addresses we we do look at someone, and then we can make a bit of a judgment. You may John we we tend to. Compete. and kind of based around that sir? I've always I've always had even if like even when I go out just generally nothing g with Harold, even when I go out, I, have people. You named cooling. It's just because of like the media frenzy of like negative connotation around I, religion around culture culture everything in. So. It does it does make it as heighten and. Heighten everything can I really am racism discrimination on more? You despondent about this guy for these jobs, and this is going on East Anti. This industry is for me. Yes, when I had the interview and outstanding she she didn't even like she didn't even sit down, or anything owes literally packing my products, and I remember it packing products in my brushes away as you just firing these questions at me, and then I'll just something to spoke to me like closed zip, and then I just looked at her I said I'm sorry. Am A HIGA also any questions about like my skill, my hair and choose you just to get into that and I said again foot I. Don't feel this is the place for me, because if the fast questions you ask. Amy based around my religion ethnic background if I can speak English than I don't feel that this. Company somewhere I truly belong, and then she just looked at me. As you said thank you very much your time. Appreciate you spending time with me. I'll take your life and then I left. Okay so. Where was your home going to be when you're talking to him? You. Where did you find? Did you find a place that really opened their arms to what happened was I felt like you know what this? The Tree! Leave on various. Okay. This country is not going to give me I one because. Still fixated around like why look like I didn't think they get past that. So I applied to jobs around the world. I was with an agent. Z applied to jobs everywhere, basically and goal responses from Dubai. Quite really big silence an. Yes? BIG HOTELS BIG LIKE A. Lot of different places places that we know here like you know within Loria Owen. Everything said that's basically it's just don't see slightly different. I'm so. I went out there and it's a couple of into his and. Then I took on a job way. The company Beauty Lounge so. It's quite a well known company in Dubai. The heritage a big heritage around them three sisters and their mother. They built from scratch and So I joined that and actually did my interview with name. Was Jane Whittington? and she swab lunch sheets. Experience. She's white and. She I it was just very different like she was a came in. You know had law. She talked to me about lots of different things that was mainly about skills and did my trae stash. She looked through. And then she sat down and she was critical about my whack. She said okay. We need to activate these things. Actually Ask you your skills, not come a you. Know and obviously she's an environment. People addressed a bit more like me and all that kind of stuff I. Get that, but I always knew in because I have white friends. You know friends. Donald of my race and they. They went like that, so I was. Actually it's not me. It's the passing and the mentality when I met Jane and she was just so like no more me was okay. Will they guy like we can have a discussion and she's not ready, just looking at me and be like okay wait. Oh, the snow, Kinda wack kind of thing said then I was given opportunities that based on my skills and Yeah! So how did it go into by? Yeah. It was great. I. Mean my go to Echo I got to lead unliked by Fashion League to act like amazing designers. To WACKADOO got to be united to your session, starting with compass bizarre, our Graziella or the things I wanted today, and I was giving opportunties I was at wounded..

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