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Nail reading's Megan Rapinoe scored the first goal as the U. S. wins its second consecutive World Cup and fourth overall that's the news I'm Phil Farrar sunshine for this afternoon identities mostly clear tonight love fifty six tomorrow sunny cool for July high eighty mostly sunny Tuesday at eighty five on accu weather meteorologist John fear is ninety three point one can't be K. John gonna Sir for Sacramento gun club you can now sign up for one of our twenty four training courses develop your gun handling and shooting skills segment a gun club is now a sig Sauer master dealer will be offering six our events in the future there's a second a gun club dot com for more details hi folks Jim Peterson with solar for America look the dog days of summer are upon as the days are longer they're hotter you could be running here conditioning you could be spending for forty five cents a kilowatt hour for electricity if I don't see panels on your roof that means you're spending too much money I can put panels on your roof I'm the roofer incidently as well I've got back up home storage and I've got at the lowest rates in the longest terms in the country no one beats my prices no one beats my terms no one beats my rates end of discussion give me a call today to learn more about solar roofing batteries in fencing at the lowest rates in the country I want to save you money eight eight eight six six three seven seven oh two eight eight eight six six three seven seven oh to do it again eight eight eight six six three seven seven oh two I can save you money put panels on your route add value to your home let's do it this summer let's get those panels up there eight eight eight six six three seven seven oh two or it's all over America dot com California C. S. W. one four five eight seventy one oh five a to a one and one oh five oh one three three did you know more than sixteen million.

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