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I think any business, right? It's kind of frowned upon. So if you see the writings still slaving away in there, do you have to. With your head of? Well, they're working really crazy stay later. I think that's a very slippery slope is have you made it clear to everyone this clear, but that's what was going on by the way Dan Houser very powerful, man. What if he was just sitting there working away and his writing team felt compelled to stay and they felt it forced upon now we're talking about the right Laszlo. He's been the forever last neck Down's. Exactly. Now they're all there may be optionally, maybe, and then you're right. Everybody's looking in that glass window. Like, I guess I'll just gonna walk right back by them. Then we get the debt cleared a company thoughtful about it, and that's the in the in. The wake of in rockstar has always been a very private company in terms of what's going on behind closed doors, they they wanted to be the rockstar brand. I remember I've only interview Dan Houser once and I remember that was like super watershed moment where I know never give a flying fucker. I talked to Dan, how's it came around? Everybody came over with acid. Do this. Don't say she. You wonder about this one in, has it gotten was the spouse thing? A real thing did get better afterwards. We're there all hands where they were like we need to change. We need these things. The fact that they've released a statement so quickly, I think them, hey, again, the house brothers now reclusive, but not out that often in front of talk yet. They don't speak this quickly. That often, this is very rare, but it is that question of, you know here kind of funny, right? We've been historically, we take the final two weeks of December off. Then come back on January fifth anniversary, but the problem is January fifth, keep sliding deeper and deeper into weeks. Like right now we're debating if we only take the basically one week of December off the last week and then come back and kind of have half off. But that's right now as we wrestle with are we taking the week seventeen off? It is this I keep having it and Kevin refuses listen on this conversation of cool. You don't need to come in. We can figure it out. You want those days off to sleep. Go ahead and do it. Having now where it's like, if your bosses are coming in and you live five minutes away, literally five minutes, I'm telling you as your boss, right? Like I don't give a shit. I'd rather you not come in because I'm gonna have to hear about nobody. That we're not a normal company. That's that's Joe sponsors walking around San Francisco's afternoon, like we're not normal, and that's why for us in your right for us, it's easier to have this conversation and try to stress the Kev that like no, really. Cool, right. Doesn't care. Cougar's got nothing will come in and do it. But that's me struggling to tell that to what it's a company of seven, but of. Four employees like they're three co, founders and foreign plays, and I can't get that message to him one on one we get together and pajamas and play monster hundred literally like how is it for Dan Houser to say that to a company as big as rockstar and stuff like that? Yeah. I mean, I don't think there's any one solution every company's different, but I do believe in especially now and I see it a lot out there now in the gaming community, but certainly having known many programmers developers, she's a culture of overworking yourself and and it kinda sucks because it does affect your mental health and inevitably that is the danger here. It's not just that you're working hard that thing behind it is your mental and physical health. And so I do believe that companies need to have something in place. You might have to force Kevin to not work if you believe that it's right for him. I would say maybe you have to tell them, I'm sorry, you can't. You know, because when you get into the optional side of star Kevin, you just gotta stay at home. I don't. I don't know that that's the right solution, but something's got to be there to make sure..

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