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Boy, I was trying to cook up a real counter take to this. Like I wanted to be the one guy who was like, no, this is actually awesome. And I can't get there. Yeah, how'd you land on that one? The one thing I'll say, so when they unveiled the uniforms and this is the worst part of it because of a podcast. So now I have to pay you a word picture. But they have that they have the, I'm guessing it's an alternate. It's the black with the burgundy and gold lettering and numbering on it. And I was like, oh, that's kind of cool. Look a little bit maybe a little too Arizona state, but that's kind of neat. I like that. And then it got a closer look at it. It's got like the camo neckline and sort of that salute to service. And not that we on this podcast don't salute service of our brave members of the military, but the NFL just has this sort of it's over the top with their sort of military cosplay type stuff. And that just sort of, I don't know. It's just too much. So I have a lot of thoughts on this and there's just not nearly enough time on the podcast for me to complain about this. No, this is perfect for you. It is. So the first thing is they come out like three weeks ago and they're like, we know you all overwhelmingly liked the red wolves and it was by far the most popular choice, but somebody has the trademark on it. It's so sorry clowns. Like we're not gonna do the coolest one. And there was like these fan markups of like black and red like NWO like wolf pack style jerseys and I was like, this is freaking awesome. I haven't bought gear. The last NFL licensed equipment that I bought was when I worked for the NFL and I grew up a browns fan. I was at the Hall of Fame game and I bought my wife a T-shirt that said he's my manziel, which is horrific. Nailed it. That's a classic. You're gonna get so much on eBay for that? We use that to clean the floor. And it's kind of a mop rag. And but I would have bought like a red, that would have been cool and but now you're in this commander sphere where my argument is patriots kind of have the kind of the territory on the faux military name. And if you're a team, like do you really want like I mentioned this with presidents and senators like do you want anything that like once every ten years becomes like wildly divisive and unpopular, like that invoke something like wildly wildly divisive and unpopular? Like, no offense at all to, you know, I'm not saying I'm anti military pro military or anything like that. I'm just saying there's been like several very marked conflicts throughout our time that have made the military largely unpopular in our country. And so it's like, what are you going to do then when that happens? I don't know. It would be like if you name the team presidents like we're never again going to have a president with a 50% approval rating. So you can't name the team the presidents. And while I think commanders is not necessarily that serious, it's like if you want to do something for the troops like let's donate part of our proceeds to like helping them transition back from the military or like helping them find work or doing stuff like that instead of benefits. VA benefits instead of just being like, yeah, camo stuff. And like, I can't imagine if you're in someone in the military and you want to email the podcast and correct me. I put out and ask for submissions on this too before, but I was like, would you rather a team that's just like drenched in camo and like, yeah, where the troops team or would you rather just a team named like the bulldogs that donated a ton of money to the VA? Like, you know what I mean? And just did something for you instead of just like used your profession as sort of this like symbol of like whatever you're trying to get across? I think the bummer here is that so they rightly decide not to use the old name anymore. They get away from that. Long overdue. Long, long, long overdue. They get away from it. And they have a placeholder name. And they stumble into something that's no frills and because it's so bare bones and has like a European soccer field to it and is like so stripped down that it's cool. It's so uncool it's cool. And everybody's like, Washington football team. It's like, we're all business. We're in Washington and we're a football team. And says it all, right? And everybody's like, this is actually kind of cool. So once they don't get the red wolves thing, you could just park it right there, man, but we know they're not going to park it right there because merchandise is big business. And if they rebrand, they get to sell all this new gear. It's a business decision. That's what it was. It just happens to be a really dumb bad business decision because they had a name and it was working and everybody liked it and then they decided to get like, this is the name that they would pick. If you're in Hollywood and you're making a movie and you can't get the actual licensing. We can't get patriots and eagles and giants. What about commanders? And they're like, that's it. Green light. And it's just versus the vipers. Let's do it. It's just I think the commanders were the team that beat Shane falco at the end of the season. Yes. And so this is perfect for Washington and perfect for Dan Snyder because it's so bad. Like sure man, you're the commander's now godspeed. What happened to the hogs? That would have been. It would have been fun. You can have like you can have like a violent pig. I think we would all like that, you know? Yeah. Violent pig mascot. Yeah. Oh well. When they re rebrand back to Washington football team, we will get back on this show and celebrate it. John Gonzalez, thanks for joining us. And if you haven't already, please go check out SI weekly. It's not only a really good show. Connor ore has been on it. My name has been said on it. So what else do you want? Huge downloads and rating spikes when those two things happen. Sports Illustrated weekly comes out every Wednesday available wherever you get your podcasts, please subscribe and listen this week. We have a really awesome Olympics preview where we get into Aaron Jackson who's a speed skater who started in roller Derby and has now one of the best speed skaters in the world. First black woman to stand atop a World Cup podium. She's just amazing in here a lot about her. I know Gary, you're making a face. That's awesome. It's so cool. It's such a fun story. Our colleague Stephanie Epstein popped on to talk about Aaron, such a great fun thing, and then Ben Rhodes, who was the former deputy national security adviser for president Obama comes on to discuss the Olympic boycott, diplomatic boycott, and why that is, and then we wrap up with Michael Vick. Michael Vick was on the podcast, so good episode this week. Yeah. Michael Vick is like batting third. That's how deep this podcast. You gotta get to you gotta get through the first stuff to get to Michael Vick. That's incredible. Yeah. He was great. The mmm NFL podcast is Connor ore and me Gary Grammy. Thanks to this week's special guest John Gonzalez. We are produced by Shelby royson as size executive producer of podcast as Scott brodie and our senior podcast producer is Dan bloom. Mark raik is emeritus editor of the M mq and Andy Benoit is the founder of the MMP NFL podcast. Be sure to subscribe to this feed on Apple podcasts and once you do please leave a rating and review because it really does help other people find the show, which is also available on Spotify, stitcher, SI dot com.

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