Donald Trump, Val Kilmer, Italy discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder


Bye now that's it yeah all right that's good i actually think that was the strongest of the trump door series i agree i think it's pretty accurate summary of trump's intentions towards police one of the doors better melodies one of the doors better melodies all doors lovers i'm not that that's actually one fight and i'm not interested in getting involved in i'm willing to take on the like you know it's like if you need to deal with like the hordes of like the musk lunatics or the dark web towards but i doubt if you love the doors and you know god bless you i mean my i got no problem feeling sort of the doors are mainly like mainly because of the kids who watch the door the val kilmer movie and italy bleach their personality out the early college they that's really what i'm reacting i missed that movie was don't oliver stone movie i think it was yes probably probably really bad i see what you mean but that would be like that's a lot of judging like biggie by like the notorious b i g movie that came out right i think like people wouldn't really care about nickelback except that they have a lot of fans right like if they were just so the fans nickelback i mean yeah they sell this a lot of albums i mean they're they're like sort of clear channel nervous that would be like i'll here also something for doors fans if somebody says they love the doors i don't think to myself what's the matter.

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