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Have in San Francisco with addressing a number of issues, including homelessness and housing has everything to do with Iraq, Chrissy and process, which is delayed. Our ability to get new housing to get shelter beds opened in a more timely manner. So that people are not sleeping on the street at the coalition on homelessness director, Jennifer freidan box says opposition from neighbors has also been a hindrance to sheltering more people. What we've seen in the past is that there have been certain sites where neighborhood resistance has shut down our efforts. The mayor's second proposed ordinance would address that by expediting the approval process, although she emphasizes neighborhood input would still be included. Reporting live at San Francisco city, hall gentleman. He CBS Jetta San Jose mayor Sam the Carta back on the job two weeks after he was seriously hurt a bicycle crash KCBS reporter sovereign. Joining us live from San Jose says the mayor joined governor Newsom today. For his first official events since the accident done Rebecca mayor Lakota reappeared in public for a roundtable with the governor on affordable housing, and then Toledo city council meeting. He wore a cumbersome brace to support his broken vertebrae and sternum, but told KCBS he feels good doing great, very grateful that a lot of good Samaritans who are neighbors went out there to help get me out of the street and great, but we're the paramedics to your doctors and nurses over at regional just very grateful to be back at work and standing here in front of you lucado went end over end off his road bike when he was hit by an SUV near alum rock on New Year's day. He says his helmet saved his life. He doesn't blame the SUV driver who didn't see him but did stop to help. After the crash. We know it's getting tougher and tougher in cities throughout this country.

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