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I thought about, you know, maybe talk to some other teams. But when I was 35 34 35 my body was I don't think he's ever gonna be the same again after I hurt my knee and 2011 so You know, it's always you always think you can play. But I knew in my mind I couldn't place so there wasn't really a whole lot of talk of going somewhere else. I couldn't see myself plain. You know, Once Coach got fired my last year's play a blessing in the skies. I mean stump that he got fired, but Because I wouldn't try to play anymore with my body being the way it was so worked out. I think good for me Is that tough to understand that in the moment and accept that or you like kind in a denial at first, you just knew it was the right decision. I think you're in denial that I watch myself own film. I'm like, Oh, it's time for you to retire. I think it's kind of both mentally. You don't think you are. But then I turned the film on it just wasn't the same. My body wasn't the same. I couldn't run this thing and I couldn't move the same and I had the one thing I told myself when I was when I was young, and if I can't make the place I used to make her can't contribute to well want to that? I just I need to shut it down. And that was the right thing to do. Pro Football Hall of Fame of Brian Urlacher here with us on the Zach Gelb show was the 2016 the most fun you ever had playing football. 2000 years passed along. Yes, for sure, you know, together playing Super Bowl, but that season, man it was, you know, I'll also say 2001 was a funding into We won back to back games No. One in overtime on pick six with the light Brown never been done before. Never be done again. We'd be San Fran and overtime. Wanna pick six by Mike and the next week, which is against Cleveland on a pick six by Micah's well so That was fun to see and witness and be a part of it in 2006, you know, we just We were excited about six or seven. McCann stumbled in the season, but we got going again the playoffs when you're winning and everything's fine and Chicago's a great place to be when you're winning. I think the guys will tell you that right now. Just Well, maybe not. Knox is different times but normally a pretty great place cause our fans. There are unbelievable, but it's just just a fun fun place when you're winning, you know, Growing up is a kid. There's just some names. The matter where you live. You just know it's an iconic name. And you were one of those names. You know, during my childhood as the pro football Famer, Brian Urlacher is here with us, And I love your story, too. Cause you had that underdog mentality that chip on your shoulder and you became one of the all time greats. I'm just wondering when you're at new Mexico. Did you know then that you were going to go on to what you were going to accomplish? Like, When did you know? Hey, I'm going to be a really damn good player that I was just having 1st 1st happy to go to college and go go for free Mexico Honestly. That's where I come from. My guys don't get offers Scholarships. I was very proud to give Starship University of Mexico and then you know, I just kept getting bigger and faster. My whole college courageous kept. I kept getting faster and faster. I gain good. Wait nothing bad about it, and then You know, the scouts started coming around. We have some good players ahead of me and in Mexico, So they brought some scouts and I think they kind of got me recognized. And in my junior year we started projected me as a high draft pick. I never would've guessed going there and I was six for 1 90 as I got there, I left at 6 40 45. So I just you know, you know what's gonna happen? I like I said, I just kept getting faster and faster and more athletic, I you know, I was able to play into my body, I guess And I never really had an awkward stage, but very fortunate. You know that I'm one thing what I stayed healthy to go with. Ah, good At football. You have to stay healthy for a long time. I was fortunate to do that, for the most part, and that definitely helps them getting where you want to go. So on draft day when you go in the first round ninth overall, was that like just so bizarre to you, is you like just living out a dream in that moment, you know, were you able to appreciate the moment of did just not even feel really. So you know what's crazy is Mel Kiper had me pegged at number nine, right When my season was over. I was like there's no way I'm getting tested that high. There's it's tonight. He's going to job because she's pretty much at the top 10 picks. Peg perfectly, but you know, he had me pegged to Chicago right away, and I took a visit to Chicago and I'll tell you what I got lucky because Lex Colbert's got drafted eight by the Steelers and the Bear said if he was there at number nine their plague take him, so I got lucky and there's no cure. And you know, once you get drafted, I think no matter what rounder level or anything, you're excited. I was definitely excited. Didn't ever think I give a chance to play an NFL growing up where I grew up, and then assume that progression through college was pretty awesome. Pro football of fame. A Brian or like you're here with us for a few more minutes on the sack, Gelb show Brian is here with us today on behalf of Southern recipe and also the gridiron greats. So the Bears right now they got off to a five. The one start, lost the last two games there now five and three after dropping them to the Rams and the Saints. Right now. They currently be on the outside looking in just missing the playoffs due. You think this is a play off team in your opinion? Zack. I'm gonna be honest. I have not watched them play all season long. I have not. You know we were during the Was it the pandemic and everything was shut down. We kind of found other things to do on Sundays, and we kind of expected doing that. Once the boss even roll around and everything else going on this time of year. We just kind of having pay attention, Honestly, so I honestly can't say if they're good. I know that your players on defense, you know, I haven't seen the play, but I know they have really good players on defense. I know Cole's starting I do watch social media are looking social medias. I know what's going on there. But I I haven't seen the place. I honestly couldn't give you an honest answer on that. I know I know the Rams and the things are pretty good seems pretty much every year so I wouldn't drown too big on those losses right there. So this is like the first time you really haven't watched the bear season since retirement. Yeah. You know, I usually pay attention. Well, it's hard to get a while and we don't really get the various teams on out here. I live in Arizona, so they're not like they're a big game out here. Usually get the Cardinals or, you know, in Denver, somebody around always Dallas as well. So I had their games are hard to find for me out here if they're not on one of our main channels, so I always pay attention and follow her games with this year. I just haven't been really watching a lot of NFL on some glad college started. Finally, so I could watch some of that. Wow. That's that's wild, too. May I thought we were going to ask you about your risky asking about falls. I guess you're either lying to me or you're being truthful here. Ah, I'm being I'm being on. I've been in Mitch Fan since day one. So I don't know what happened there with was why he got switched out there, but I've always been in Mitch Nichols obviously has a great resume. He's done a good job when he gets in there, but five threes in a bad place to be, I wouldn't think I think cream based Green Bay. Leonardo vision. I'm assuming or Minnesota right there. Yeah. So, um, it's not division man is always good teams in their division. More quarterbacks. What was it coming out of North Carolina that you liked about Mitch? You're busy because you know the way that I interpreted..

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