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Really as far as I've gotten I use Excel honestly to make spreadsheets to keep track of where I am with some of my chapters into work out where I'm going with my chapters when I wrote Adventures of an urban Homesteader, I completely passed it off. It was more of a flow chart type of thing versus like a strict 0.1 on the outline point two on the outline and I have a different process in place right now for a fiction book writing and I'm loving the process but it's very different and I'm tweaking it as I go. So my tools really are pretty basic. I think that's a great for people to hear cuz I think sometimes Just authors feel. Oh, you know if I just write on a yellow pad that's not real writing, you know, people have done that for hundreds of years and I think and I've talked to enough ought to know that everybody has slightly different things. They do. I know some people that use word and have like word skills that are like Way Beyond me with doing wage sidebar navigation and being able to jump around on like whoa, that's way too much. So I think like we were talking a minute ago. Sometimes we hear this advice and then we get all upset like, oh, I'm not doing that. I must not be doing it, right, you know, everybody does a different do what feels right exactly and in all honesty the first ideas that I had for books and authors good deal of Adventures of an urban Homesteader were written by hand in a notebook scribbled down quite honestly when I had a corporate job and then I would come home and put it into my computer so long It's I would say if somebody tells you that there is one way to write a book. You should thank them and probably back away, right? There are so many different ways to do it and we do get I think sometimes so caught up in what is the right way and the right way may mean what is right for you and then taking taking what works for you and then leaving the rest and Mish mashing it all together simply to get the draft done. I mean, I've heard stories people that can write for fifteen minutes on their lunch break down and they write it on index cards and have to take it home and then put it into something else. So you anything Works. Yes. There are people to have trouble with their hands thoroughly have to record it into their phone. Yeah. I know people that go on walks and we'll record it and they'll email it to themselves. That's how they get it to email it. I think There's enough tools that everybody can find what works for them agreed for your book. What are you doing to Market it? So what I will be doing to be very honest, I don't plan to continue to write in the romance genre. So I didn't do a lot of marketing on adventures. My upcoming plan for my micro Memoir is to do Amazon as and then to also to do a just regular advertising on BookBub. Not one of their featured deals, but just using their regular advertising platform and why did you choose to go with those instead of other millions of choices wage kind of millions of choices. I found first of all because I know Amazon Amazon really does have the share of the market and I thought that would be a good skill to learn going forward page also because book Bob really is about readers. It's focused on readers who like a good new release or like a good deal..

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