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Had radio. And that is Alan Jackson for Stacey and I remember when. All right, so 888-876-5593 we got Valerie and warrenville. What's up tonight Valerie? Oh, not much my dear, not much at all. Just stay in the wake so I can talk to you. Oh, very good. Yeah. Have you heard from Marianne kasky at all? You know, she moved. And so that's what's been going on. And I owe her a call, our hours are so different. But I will definitely talk to her in the next week. And we will hopefully have her on again soon. Ah, so possibly the end of the month, probably April. I have no idea, is the truth. Yeah. Family, et cetera, just in case. All right, all righty, cool. That's good. Let me see what else is there anything else? Yeah. Sorry about that. Oh, let's see. What was that of a subject? Oh, FYI, my newest free time habits are rediscovering geology and doing what research on blood type diets that are not the deodorant. And what else is up? Interesting. So what is it about gemstones that allures you? I've been picking up stones and rocks since I was three. And they were the flashy courts that was buried in the driveway. And then when I got older, I discovered that there was a get to and moss and moss agates and diamonds and my burst on, which is garnered and other things and then I discovered that there was another color other than red when it comes to garnets and I'm going, oh my God, it's green. It is called step right. And that's like, you know, depending on the CCC of the Savoy, it can be more expensive than a diamond. Absolutely. Well, you know, the rare earth something is the more expensive it will be. And somebody's going to collect it. And then of course, you've got the other aspect when it comes to gemstones where some people believe that the vibratory essence has different effects on the wearer. Yeah, yeah. And when I started getting into the rule of the new age, about the time that I was really reading the Philippine prophecies, I discovered that the courts being used in the computer industry and that one of the reasons they're using courses between industry is because of the. Electrical frequency and that when you're dealing with the application prior to computers was the rule of minimally you can get as a memory stone. Yeah, submit a physical of it or the science minister of the metaphysics of it, depending on if you're dealing with or if you're dealing with. Yeah, so good. Good, so that keeps you busy. All right, I'll take it. Well, good to hear from you and I'll keep you posted on Mary Ann. All right, thank you very much. Thank you. I appreciate it. All right, so yeah, this is real big in this area of Arizona, Jim and mineral shows and stuff like that because there's so much in the earth here. Well beyond the usual you'd expect to find in Arizona, but absolutely interesting hobby. All right, so we'll get to Michelle and Geneva and James and Oregon, and there's room for you two coming up here on WGN radio. Direct from the WGN radio studios to your inbox. Subscribe to WGN radio's monthly newsletter. Get a curated selection of the campus conversations and interviews from WGN radio shows. Plus news events and more. Sign up today at WG and radio dot com slash newsletters. You know these classic

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