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George Papadopoulos, A._B._C., Donald Trump discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Jail for lying about his contact with russians former trump campaign advisor george papadopoulos is speaking publicly delegates a._b._c.'s this week broadcast members of the campaign team were aware and in many cases supportive of his efforts to broker a pre-election meet with russian president putin george popadopoulos recollection of this was that president trump didn't show his hand very clearly he thought that he was nodding in general support but that candidate trump was deferring to jeff sessions on this question and that jeff sessions was quite into about a._b._c.'s matthew mosques sessions has been adamant that he told popadopoulos at the beginning to shut down the idea white dallas police officer amber geiger charged with manslaughter she admits mistaking the apartment of her black neighbor both john for her own entering fatally shooting john inside his own place forecasters expect florence to become a major hurricane as it continues to approach the southeast coast in south carolina submitted today to president trump and request for federal emergency declaration in anticipation of the impact on south carolina governor henry mcmaster gives us estimated it may be this is an estimate category four hurricane which is between one hundred and thirty and fifty six miles an hour landfall expected thursday somewhere in the carolinas he says the allegations are untrue but less moon vis has resigned as chief executive c._b._s. after new allegations of sexual misconduct several women have since come forward with their own accounts and as part of his negotiated departure c._b._s. said moon base and the company would donate twenty million dollars to organizations that support the metoo movement c._b._s..

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