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Super soaker is she's a very scantily clad it was yeah there's some weird shit on nick dude yeah that's that's a little weird no i mean i could hear you weird actually i i mean like an adult writing that is totally yeah that's weird it's a hot right dude dude i'm sure i'm sure you enjoyed that back in the day it's yeah absolutely that whole episode the like trapped in the rv episode victoria's the legendary okay basically softcore i mean i think you guys were using it as software back when you were boys is also i mean also in that little break we took her brampton show me that we immediately just saw that brand song was like shouting out the mccully kokin podcast does podcast podcast g is verified already and it's doing big numbers and that's upsetting macaulay culkin's outing him out transition into being a successful podcasts we got a no i'm not i'm not okay with that we need to we need to crush them we need to tiny tics i wanna i haven't listened to bunny ears yet but i plan on on destroying we need to grow our socials i just started the instagram yeah but still pod we need to grow that more follow unverified to yes still on twitter pat on instagram yeah yeah i mean this is really just like i just it's sort of a personal for fun yeah we do the pod for fun we have the patriots now which is like a good way i mean i've spent a bunch of money in the pod already so i could maybe recoup some of that and i just want to do more episodes quite frankly i wanna do people asking this is all about fun this is the first time that i'm like yeah i want to grow the pod hard just to beat mccully this isn't because otherwise fun it's not about like i'm not if this pod gets more listeners i'll be stoked just that more people are listening to it but it's it's it's about fun but this is the only time it's about crushing now it's not about fun now it's about winning specifically about macaulay culkin.

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