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And Jimbo Fisher and my friend Dion Sanders and how I think that Nick Saban has taken everything in that's being said right now is yummy rat poison. He's going to really take it out on Texas a and M next October. That's what's more likely. We played a game of what's more likely. Also, what's more likely John Daly making the cut or Tiger Woods? Missing the cut. And John Daly, I'm going to get back out there and this hour and we'll see if he can stand upright. Based on all the heaters and peanut M and M's and diet cokes and rips of the one armed band that he took last night unbelievable. I gotta know how much daily won or lost last night. Got it. I mean, everyone's got to ask. Everyone must ask these questions. PGA Championship going on round number two. We're going to keep an eye on all of that. George kittle is going to call into the program this hour. It's the second annual tight end university that he's up to. Now the Indianapolis Colts will talk with that. Stellar defensive player now switching teams again this time he's trying to get to the promised land in the AFC south now with the Indianapolis Colts back again where he once belonged. As you know, the Jacksonville Jaguars were his first team. So we'll talk with him an hour number three, but right now, you know what we're going to do, we're going to talk a little baseball. Let's do it. I have not spoken to this man in quite some time. That's what happened when there's a lockout. On the Mercedes Benz van's phone line, one of our favorites to talk baseball with and just favorites in general. From the worldwide leader in sports Major League Baseball insider Jeff passen, how are you doing, Jeff? It's what happens when you have lock estimate what it's what happens when Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher have Trump. That is true. I was a little bit of a food fight in the SEC yesterday that pulling the curtain back. I was supposed to come yesterday, but then that happened and rich called me up. And said, hey, Jeff. You got to understand what's going on. And I was like, you know what? I completely understand because it was utterly ridiculous. And utterly predictable. And utterly wonderful. As much as we love sports for the games, aren't we just ultimately rich? A bunch of people who use that as ourselves operas and lap it up and just enjoy it so much. I know I loved it. Best reality TV. It's just like, you know, it was like, I guess you can't spell succession without SEC. It's basically like, you know, you think about it. It's a Real Housewives of Tesco looser. I appreciate your patience and now being available on this program to talk about the sport that we both love so dearly. What is the story right now? Would you say, overarching story about this baseball season to date, Jeff passon? Well, as someone who works at a company that has occasionally been accused of coastal bias, I feel like saying New York and LA is kind of trite. But I live in Kansas City, rich. So I can actually say it without being accused of having coastal bias. I am a midwesterner born bread and true. And to me, the story of the baseball season is how good the Yankees, the maths, the Dodgers and the angels are and whether we're setting ourselves up for some kind of a coastal World Series or if the Houston Astros or Milwaukee Brewers or somebody else can interrupt that dream. The Yankees have been the best team in baseball this year, hasn't really been closed, frankly. And they've done it because they've been healthy because they remade the left side of their infield and catching. And because they have extremely deep pitching and I think the job Aaron Boone, who's been so maligned, has done is phenomenal. At the same time, buck show Walters really helped turn around the mets. So without Jacob degrom and Max Scherzer for port of two months now, we're going to see what they're really made of. Dodgers are the Dodgers. They're great. They were always going to be great. It's just a matter of, are they going to come through in October? Because they will be there. But the angels are the most surprising team, I think, which is odd to think because they have the two best players in the world in my trout and Shohei Ohtani. So yeah, they should be good, but Major League Baseball is not the MBA where two superstars will get you the conference final. It's not the NFL where you need one quarterback and that will get you into the playoffs. Now, it's a sport where even with two great players. You can still be a middling mediocre team if you don't have other elements. And the elements that the angels have added are pitching in defense. And both of those have held up through about a quarter of the season. The question at this point is we'll hold up over the last three quarters. And Aaron judge the Yankees are also lucky to have him and by that I mean not just about how good he is, but I'm from New York City. I've seen many, many talented players in a Yankee uniform wilt under the pressure of either being paid or in his case not being or being ready to be handsomely enriched and him saying, it's not enough..

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