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Her job on morning edition on Support for NPR comes from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, using research and evidence to develop solutions that help families and communities create a brighter future for young people more at a cf dot org's By the Public Welfare Foundation committed to advancing, transformative approach to justice that is community led, restorative and racially just learned. Maura public welfare dot org's And by the listeners and members of the public Radio. It's morning edition from NPR News. I'm Steve Inskeep and I'm David Green. The House Foreign Affairs Committee is holding a hearing today on the lack of diversity at the U. S. State Department. One widespread complaint among minority foreign service officers is harassment by U. S Customs and Border agents. Here's NPR's Jackie Northam In April 2018. Tianna Spears joined the State Department, It held the promise of a fulfilling life ahead of her. I was super excited to start I had dreams of being a diplomat and living in several places in Latin America, Spearsfirst posting with the U. S consulate in Ciudad Juarez. Just over the border from El Paso, Texas, Thie Young African American consular officer would often cross into the U. S to shop or meet friends. She says she was regularly pulled over by U. S Customs and Border Protection officers for secondary inspection. She would show them our diplomatic passport. In other official forms of identification, I was asked if I stole my car. One time I was even accused.

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