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Bio right and genesis that basically means formation of new mexico contra mico conjure produce energy the more meadow conjure. We have more energy cellular energy. We can produce. So what does that mean to us. It means we're actually going to have more energy to live our lives which gives us greater resilience to daily stresses more energy to do the things that we have to do for our career to perform at a high level and have energy left over to spend with our family or on recreation. So if you all more energy ketogenic diet and lifestyle will definitely help improve that. So that's our forth big thing. V thing is brain and so we've talked about some of the reasons why it benefits our brain but what we know. Is that key tones. When our body produces these key tones they get into our brain. Our brain cells can use them for energy. And what we call epi genetic influencers. What does that mean. That means that they actually in healthy genetic characteristics in our brain so basically they shut down where we call neuro inflammatory pathways so genes that are responsible for promoting inflammation our brain. A key tones will shut those down. they'll also stimulate something called brain derived. Neurotrophic growth factor. What is beedi and do it. Helps co create a branching pattern with our neurons and so the neurons gross and the nerve cells grow. They branch out and really. It's kind of like a tree. The more branches on our nerves. Okay the greater flexibility of thought and they developed something called synapses little gaps between nerves which gives us a greater range of thoughts allows us to have better cognition and better cognitive acceleration the ability to think sharply and quickly and react to the stresses in our life so it helps enhance the brain. Preserves it reduces the risk of developing dementia or alzheimer's and helps you perform at a significantly higher level. Guys just wanted to interrupt this podcast. Tell you about the importance of electrolytes. If you're having trouble with your energy or you just want to take your game to the next level electrolytes and good. Hydration are one of the most important things you can do. Most people are not getting the proper ratio of electrolytes. And they're not hydrating their body. Well enough if you are exercising a lot especially outside in the heat in you're sweating or if you're on a low carb diet akito genetic diet or you're doing fasting whether it's intermittent or extended fasting. You're gonna lose electrolytes fact when you own a ketogenic diet or if you're intermittent fasting your insulin levels drop and insulin drops you excrete electrolytes particularly sodium. You need to increase your sodium. When you're on these sorts of nutrition plans and now we'll help relieve hunger and cravings. It's going to help reduce ramps dealing with that. Some people deal with headaches when they're fasting thrown a low carb diet or through exercising and heat. That's going to help reduce headaches. Tiredness dizziness fatigue. It's a really support your body's you can be at the top of your game down the problem most electrolyte powders out there zor full of sugar artificial ingredients different artificial colorings things that we just don't want they're not healthy and they don't help support hydration. So i've actually partnered with a company called elements. They sent me some of their products. And they're fantastic. Not only they have the ratio of sodium potassium and magnesium in there. But on top of that they're also flavored with stevia which is an all natural flavoring agent. That doesn't impact our blood sugar and makes this more palatable. Now they have some great flavors they have citrus salt. Raspberry sought an orange salt. All of them tastes great. They also have an unflavored. So if you want to avoid stevia they do have an unflavored as well. But i really like this product and this company actually works with the us olympics. They're working with several nfl teams nba teams mba players of high level. Athletes are using element every single day to get the best results on top of that. You know if you just want to be the best mom if you want to get the best workout you know if you are a hard charging individual that wants to get the most that life this product can really help support you. It was founded by my friend. Rob wolf who is a two time new york times bestselling author. He's in paleo space and he also works with people that are on a ketogenic diet and see he's seen amazing results using this for athletes. Low carb dieters people that are just looking to improve their overall fitness. their health and their energy levels answer great product. And you guys can find it at drink. L. m. n. t. dot com ford slash d. r. jockeys. And that will take you to a page where they have their variety pack variety. Pack i think is the best way to get started with them it has multiple flavors including the citrus salt raspberry salt in orange salt which are the most popular that we can sample them and see which ones you like the best. So the link is drink l. m. n. t. dot com forward slash. Dr shockers and that will take you to the page so you learn more about this amazing electrolyte drink again if you are an athlete. Somebody that really wants to have more energy better. Mental clarity really wants to charge into life if you enjoy working outside especially if you like running and doing long distance work outside or if you're intermittent fasting for on a ketogenic diet wanna get the best results trying some china electrolyte drink. I think can really help the your game. So check that out again. Drink l. m. n. t. dot com slash d. r. jockeys. The six benefit is going to actually help our body mobilized body fat which will help you lose weight but if you're lean like me like i don't wanna lose weight on eight percent body fat. I don't. I don't want to lose weight. I want to gain muscle and so a ketogenic diet and lifestyle will also help your body to actually preserve what something called Circulating loose seen right which is a branch chain amino acid. That helps preserve lean body tissue so being on a ketogenic diet and lifestyle. You're actually going to maintain muscle mass and it's going to help with performance. Why isn't help with performance because you have more might. Oh contra your body's able to produce more sailor energy so i'm stronger i it takes basically i don't. I don't wear down at better. Muscular endurance muscular strength. Better overall power. And i just feel better. And i looked better. My zeke in general is significantly better on this genetic diet and lifestyle so that's the seventh benefit and the eighth benefit is it reduces cancer cell growth. You know every single person on the planet has cancer cells growing in our body anywhere between a hundred to ten thousand cancer cells develop in our bodies literally every single day and so the key is how well as our body keeping those abnormal cells in check. And what key tones do are they actually shut down several of the pathways like insulin as well as something called i one and something called. 'em tour these jin these hormones and genetic pathways that stimulate abnormal cell growth. So ketones will help. Shut those down. They're also going to help. Protect key security guards of our genome..

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