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Contributor, Kim, gay Blin, senior marketing director bell Jack food with us today. Who's gonna talk about a very important month? It's national pet month. He came welcome her. My thanks for having me. And yes, it's a it's a great topic to talk about because you know, a lot of times we're talking a lot about how you can take care of your patch. But national pet month is also about promoting the benefits of all the things. Your your pet does for you. And also for helping people know more about adoption and making more people aware kind of all the services that are available out there. So I love the fact that you know, we think about all the things we do for our pets. But they do a lot of things. I actually absolutely. And you know, a national pet month so special because I think that everybody kind of gets together, and this is because there's like a lot of all there's so many. Any pet holidays? But this is really great because we get to lake really appreciate them. And what what we could do with them. And so do you have any tips on like what we could do during national pet month with their pets? Yeah. You're absolutely right. I think it's now is a good time to make your thinking about getting a pack now, it's break time to adopt. Depend I know this is a something that's very near and dear to your heart. A because you care of so many animals, but you really need a good, home and rapper home. And so, you know, now's a great time to think about you know, if you thinking about it, go through those steps, right? What what kind of pets? You think you wanna have what time of kind of time commitment, and you know, there are some cost often to having a pet that you have to kind of plan or and so you're digging in and getting a little bit more information about that is really important maybe visiting a couple of shelters or rescues just find out a little bit more about maybe the breeds that you might be interested or breathe Vic says you might be interested in and around the house..

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