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Oh hold back spencer because he would turn that has upset down i'll tell you one thing already would have been on our his case i yoho tell us some trump's girl we need to know that's why you in this house okay knock as you want apprentice over ten years ago we want to know about your old boss from two weeks ago that i don't think you could have even done the first task because you had a needed yereven spray and then like i am opting out with no there is some parts of the task i could have done the hang on the the academy award joe fear emir and ever they i you would have gone through the halls inc wouldn't have dropped i get definitely would already got in chuck widow of the ufc spiders face and bill nye yo chuck you think you're tough guy not in this big brother house and he probably would have knocked me out and then he would have been eliminated so at about one person down that quick yeah they you attack ladele fan i love jessica alba in the house they're all my enemies you'd win henny thanks so there is our big brother i plan to talk be rather every week catch you up because you nama big brother junky and we all live and had it nest cvb celebrity they brother in the uk that's like our favorite show obviously because we've done it twice brand he had a couple of moments shoes interrupting this the the big time rush singer real talk though all due respect to the big time rush singer how are they casting him an opera daddy like camano i guess he's better looking or whatever allegedly no he's iin that's just what my haters would say now i don't even think you're haters and say that you didn't even see a music elegant guy his you know he's supposed to be the throb at the soil is thinking that one a fly a whole not marking the drought i've ever have not got uh better legume in yuval odds claimed that uh you know they have an actual like the hearthrob character and is not martin graphitti assets who had thank you that you can.

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