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Michigan's governor is urging educators to suspend in person learning for the next two weeks. Governor Gretchen Whitmer is also recommending a pause to all the youth sports and indoor dining. Michigan Congresswoman Debbie Dingell says her district has been hit hard hospitals. Every hospital in my district is at capacity there now canceling surgeries. Ahead of Michigan's High School Sports Association, says the competition will go on as planned unless local district's opt out in Alabama governor Okay Ivy is advocating personal responsibility and common sense. The state's mask mandate was lifted Friday about the governor says she'll continue to wear one when she's around other people. She's also urging citizens to respect businesses. That still want customers to wear masks to of Alabama's largest cities, Birmingham and Montgomery or keeping mask requirements in place. More expert testimony at the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derrick Show Vin Dr Andrew Baker, the chief medical examiner, who ruled George Floyd's death. A homicide says heart disease and drug use were contributing factors but not the direct cause of his death. He experienced a cardiopulmonary arrest in the context of law enforcement to dual restraint and neck compression. It was this press Of that interaction that tipped him over the edge, Given his underlying heart disease and his toxicological status. Other medical experts have gone further Testifying that Floyd died from his fix CIA or insufficient oxygen show opens defense maintains the ex officer did what he was trained to do. They also claim Floyd's underlying health conditions and drug use or what killed him. The death of Britain's Prince Philip will be marked next hour with 41 gun salutes across the country. The husband of Queen Elizabeth was 99 funeral details have not been released Pamphlets Oh Fox News. The dome. I'll report the past an honorary resolution on gun control. But what does it mean to Mason Butcher and Terra Lawson Remer? They get to virtue signal..

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