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To that and of course he see malawi see the towns the actually there any just a few squeaky flew white lines for the rights and very little else here there's no actually detail or anything yet but why aren't these areas matenaer think about it is somewhat he has the answer to that if we back affair she really loved flat and she's a fast pessene thick theme of out the fleet she works the humanitarian aid street map which is an ngo that knocked the world this is probably the big two tries at ever had that they were places in the wealth of went maps essentially person that does exist in awhile won't onset interested in mapping in areas let us physicians that and this is a crew we shall point maps tend to get made by companies if they know that can seldom to appetizers all governments often navigational passing that those mapping companies a not gonna go to all that time and effort knocking an area if they're not going to make any money activist rebecca says what they tend to find is if big businesses absent from an area that place is unlikely to be met because there is no financial incentive to do it and quite often it's remote far away and potentially vulnerable communities in the developing world that fall into that category so if it lanka we often call this the starbucks test so if you can't navigate to a starbucks from your phone in a in a location as a nightmare in rural malawi where i think today sweet story that aren't any starbucks and also incident when you're saying is often limited charlotte why is being on a map so important i mean the people living in these places clearly no will the are worthy going well of course they take this is more about of that people knowing how to get to the areas which was the main problem is if you're not on a map then you'll probably one of the most vulnerable people and it's also even harder to target you safe loncle delivering healthcare really really difficult to deliver health care if you don't understand why people are and if something isn't on a map than is actually it's quite hard to know exists huh brought.

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