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He can rent space in your head. Anybody can. So it's almost like. Yeah. You know? Kevin durant? Well, do you know you Kevin Durant? Do you not special? You are you realize that all the answer? Larry nonsense. BS doesn't matter as long as you're playing ball high level. No, nobody cousins so you should be getting touches, and you should be able to try to figure it out. I love his analysis and breakdown, but it was almost like instead, Nick Freda L and the rest of the media there. It was almost like y'all know I am right. I'm Kevin Durant about well. Yeah. Yeah. Saying all it's all along the nonsense. Don't give me swear the nonsense and stuff that doesn't matter. Shouldn't count. It should just be about trying to win another chip silliness. Kevin durant? Yes. And act like it. And I worry about officials. He's on the precipice against the spend. If he has more technical, of course, Kevin Durant. Just like the rest of the warriors never found anybody in that starts what Steve Kerr, of course. Because Steve Kerr never followed anybody. So that is so that's a major issue there. So we'll see how this series goes. But at least it's tied at one in this interesting between the warriors and the clippers. All right, Tim Anderson. My guy, Tim Anderson Chicago White Sox. How about that into a full with the canc- royals? Also the cubs. Get the job done against the Miami Marlins. We address all that coming up next..

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