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What reach my price charter. What phys a little heavy on. What's become precarious. But i also fall victim. Lazy thinking almost dale. I know to warn you away from these stakes. Because i make them and almost make them myself so what exactly is lazy thinking and what does it look for you and your portfolio okay. We thought we'd get a big infrastructure bill and a much shorter period of time travel. Just nucor yeah. Best deal-maker on earth was a considered decision. Even though we picked up some new court much lower prices at some time ago traders. Then got out of it. I figured that made a ton of to get back in. Especially with the prices of steel skyrocketing and ceo. Leon topalian telling us a great story right here on the show so right back nucor problem is i got the timing so wrong. We bought the first chunk of nucor for the child. Trust at one seven. Pretty much even where. We're this right now. But wait a second seat the stock in recent pullback from one hundred eleven i thought that was a great opportunity for points that then we watch in horror as nucor stock tumble to eighty nine dollars. Fortunately picks them up on the way then even got some eighty nine dollars. So we're doing okay. But not long after the country of course is staggering to acquire the earnings assessments up dramatically. How could they not every to went up in price. And that's without the help of any infrastructure bill today. This talk got back to one seven where the trust made his first purchase..

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