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Providence VR and WBZ. Chicago. This is wait. Wait, don't tell me the NPR news quiz I'm Bill Curtis, and here is your host at the chase Bank auditorium in Chicago Peter. Sagaing. Thank you. Had decided that enough has happened this year and we are just done with it. No more news. And until they find out where we're hiding and drag us back to work, we thought we'd enjoy some things from a reason passed in February. We all went down the road to south bend, Indiana, which is become famous for its mayor, Pete Buttigieg former army officer and Rhodes scholar, but he used to be done by different name the boy mayor and Peter ask him why you were elected mayor at the age of twenty seven, which made you the youngest mayor of a city above one hundred thousand people in the country. At the time I was twenty nine twenty nine. Excuse me. Youngest mayor, of course, that's a record that you only stand to lose right, exactly. I held it for a time and then somebody sent me a message on Twitter saying, hey, you can't keep calling yourself the youngest mayor of a city under house thousand. I've got you. Was there skepticism like you're twenty nine years old. What the hell do you know about being a man sometimes door to door, somebody would say, I got underway or older than you or something. You're known as a south bend booster, right? Yeah, absolutely. The best city in the maybe not the biggest, maybe not the oldest, but certainly the best city in the country. Oh, right. You didn't. You didn't say it's a nice city. You didn't say it's a nice place to live. You didn't say, you said it's the best city in the country. So prove it go, tell me why..

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