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Oh sure yak i did similar similar sonal thing so if i i think it would be a very interesting rates you actually and i'm sure you'd be able to implement quite a lot of principals out of that book into india training i can guarantee it yeah i will check it out thank you for that i'm sorry woking customers shoes and then we we we we move into capturing customers hot tell me about that right sure and so that's almost like the the next step in the evolution because again if i'm engaged in committed and i'm thinking in acting like an owner of the business i'm going to build a relationship with my customer because i'm in it for the long haul on i don't want one in done and you know along the way i'm going to make it easy for the customer because i can actually walk in their shoes and so when that happens that's where the magic comes that's where we go above and beyond and really delight the customer because you know it's not as if we're just looking for a sale we're looking for a relationship and it could be as simple as you know remember there's a saying of from a movie you had me at hello here you know that saying the moon i think it was jerry maguire won't sir with wilda with with talk with tom cruise to myself that's an old movie so you had me at hello but you know what one of the companies that i do business with they actually had me at booty broody and booty you know what i mean when i say that match.

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