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To the most vulnerable in the population, like those with mobility hearing and cognitive impairments are 10 news reporting partners spoke with one of its staffers have pre populated the registration forms for the senior, though then be escorted by a team. Or vaccination cells, and once they're in these seats, and we we have ceased to accommodate for for caregivers for caregivers as well. They don't need to move. The seniors only side is the first of its kind in the county. It's open Monday through Friday, 75 hopes to vaccinate about 500 people a day We have the first reported cases of the South African variant here in the state to cases up in Northern California in the Bay Area. We're about 159 cases of the UK variant and all but 20 of them are here in San Diego County. The governor says there have been just over 1200 cases of yet another mutation of the virus called the West Coast variant. Meantime, the governor says coronavirus cases are dropping across the state. A month ago, there were nearly 50,000 new cases a day. California now reporting more than 8000 month ago. Today, we had 13.9% positivity right here in the state of California. Today we're down to 4.8% 13.9% 30. Days later, 4.8% and hospitalizations air down 34% in the state over the last two weeks. ICU admissions down 28%. Meantime, the governor's hoping to have an update on youth sports in the next few days. Some individual sports are up and running in California, but team sports like football are not allowed. They have games on, the governor says he's working on getting them back. That happened a few weeks ago for track and field in a number of other sports were looking forward, updating the guidelines as conditions approved for baseball, and, yes, I am not naive. Also. I'm part of that fan base for football, which is more challenging, more complex and we are in deep negotiations with advocates across the spectrum govern Newsome complimentary of the left, Um, play group. It's been fighting toe lift the ban on high school and youth sports in California. Jack Warner Cooked knew some educators from San Diego County talking about the need to get teachers and students back in the classroom. Teachers, educators, parents holding a zoom meeting late yesterday afternoon, they say time is ticking. They say they are calling on the county to put teachers back into the rotation with those 65 years and older to get the vaccine so they can resume indoor teaching. Dr Julia the tally is superintendent of Oceanside School, says they tried opening once had to shut down. She says the vaccine is key to education and Diego County education leaders believed me. Idiot vaccine access for all teachers and all education support professionals is required for schools to stay open safely. The county says the elderly will be vaccinated first for governor trying to rush through so teachers can get in that tear statewide. Phil Farrar, KOGO news A new report from The New York Times claims. Former Minneapolis police officer Derrick Show Vin agreed to plead guilty to third degree murder murder shortly after George Floyd's death. But then Attorney General William Barb rejected the deal, a law enforcement official tells The New York Times Bar was concerned the timing of the plea deal would come across as too lenient. They also say bar wanted state officials to decide how to proceed with the case. Trovan is set to go on trial on second degree murder and manslaughter charges. March 8th Jeep is pulling its Super Bowl ad featuring the boss, Bruce Springsteen. The move comes after National Park Service confirmed that he was arrested for D W I, A source close to the legendary singers tells the New York Post. Springsteen was actually sitting on his motorcycle once and fast, noticed him and offered him a shot of tequila. He drank it, apparently in full view of the New Jersey police. Wasted no time in busting him. Officials say it happened actually back in November, mid November at the Gateway National Recreation Area on the New Jersey Coast. Jeep says it's not commenting on the situation but says it has the right to pause. It's big game commercial until the actual facts were established, and we have more on our morning news page a cocoa dot com Dome are father and son are hoping you'll put something on one sure vaccinated. They explain next plus your traffic and a change in your weather. Coco News Tomato seven. Now your chance to win $1000 text a nationwide keyword bills to 202 100. You'll get a confirmation text and invoke standard data and Mrs Rates apply in this nationwide contest. That's bills to 202 100. It said, her balance of nature. I have been absolutely amazing how well I felt all year through everything going on, and I truly believe it's because of balance of nature's fruits and veggies. 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