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More than a hundred twenty acres near cash in western Comanche county yesterday two homes were destroyed several families had to evacuate at least six other structures including barns and sheds were also destroyed an authority said today that they think that the fire was started by a welder another flew warning today here's Megan bishop for more flu deaths in Oklahoma bringing the total to twelve so far this season alone the state health department says the worst of the flu season may still be ahead of us if you still haven't gotten a flu shot health officials say you really should make it a priority as soon as possible U. S. marshals have arrested a woman in connection with a child stealing case out of Bixby a one year old child was reported missing last Friday and U. S. marshals say they track to the alleged suspect thirty one year old Carissa Ford to Arkansas and then back to Oklahoma and she was arrested yesterday at a trailer home in a rural area near you follow the child was found safe and has been reunited with the family a man who pleaded guilty to exposing himself to four young girls in the parking lot of the chick fillet in Norman has been sentenced to four years in prison and six years on probation fifty three year old George Easterling of Shawnee will also have to register as a sex offender and attend counseling sessions and the Oklahoma City zero is donating ten thousand dollars to help care for animals displaced by the fire is in Australia since the wild fires began last September an estimated one billion animals have perished the Oklahoma City zoo is home to fifteen species native to Australia from the news.

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