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Join us at three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred again that number three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred and I'm thrilled to welcome in studio are very good friend. John taylor. He and his mom do pot mom podcast. And you can catch that every week. Follow him on Twitter at John t t I Don. Hi, patty. I liked to register a complaint already. Yes. Okay. WGN world headquarters three zero three east Wacker have used to walking in and seeing a bunch of beautiful fish. They're gone. You know, what I liked about it too was that they had like a curtain for the fish as well like a privacy curtain or nighttime. You can find those fish at the shed the so we're told so we've been told apparently new meant new ownership of the building and the fish had to go. Yes, I knew owner sound like ogres like fish. Well, I believe it's maybe it's the maintenance I think that there was David that's David Jennings, by the way in the newsroom. Hi, David wasn't. There was talk of perhaps a big digital board going up there, or that's what I had me. Even know the fish were leaving. Until I came into work one day. And I'm like, there's something missing. It's shocking empty. Tom. What are your thoughts on the missing fish? If they do put up a big digital board up there. You know, what they should play on it? Yeah. Fish screensaver. Snake of irony? Actually, there already is a massive digital board already in the lobby. Another one. Well, but that bore doesn't face Wacker. It faces like toward almost like the the turnaround dry like, isn't it face Wacker faces Wacker? It's on the same side of the if you're sitting at the security desk, you're looking at it. Right. So so that's Wacker. You walk by it as you had to take the escalator downstairs to go through the Peduaye. Okay. So perhaps they want to put a digital board facing. Columbus them is what I meant. I do this every day my house. My husband, and I have arguments which way things are. I don't think I don't know. They don't where you've got all the entrances to the various floors. So they don't have a wide enough space to put anything huge up. Sorry. I started this redecorating the whole lobby. It's all you're darn fall apart. You miss though, was the sign the very cheerful sign that said, hey, the Fisher finding a new home. They're going to a cheerful sign that helps. Yes, they did. Put a sign up telling us where the fish went. I worry about that. You know, Patty. I always worry about the Yahoos down on the sidewalk because we used to have the who's they could look at us right now. We're in this beautiful skyline studio no complaints here. But the who's at least could look at the fish. I could think about them down the sidewalk looking fish now look at they weren't looking at the. The fish were mostly for those of us in the building who work here was not for the public. I think people stopped and looked at the beautiful. Iranian you know smokers who visit the smokers. Though. No, how about this was hotel behind me. You can take a look at like looking at fish exotic animals the first first couple of weeks we were in here. They would occasionally be member of the staff here in the studio gazing, quite deeply into the windows across the way now. Just at the Swiss hotel. There's a lot of interesting places where one can look, and there have been some stories of interesting things that have been seen. This is what happens when people stop watching rear window on a yearly basis. They forget. Yes. They forget what happens. I was listening to Andrea. And and Dr strike you're talking about people in high rises not being aware that perhaps they should closer curtain. But do you know what go for it? If you're confident. You're not thinking about it. What differences look at let it falls, right? There you go. Let your freak flag fly or just your regular slag. Feel free whatever flank you got exactly now speaking over your window, which is a great film, of course, by Alfred Hitchcock. And starring Jimmy Stewart listener was kind enough to send me a copy of it because I saw on the big screen Nick dis movie club at Rosemont. Oh, cool. It was very cool only because of my show I had twenty minutes. The end of the movie remember this. Yes. And I and I have a DVD copy. Just don't have a DVD player. So I'm stuck right now with a gotta figure I've got to find someone with a laptop. So I can watch the last twenty minutes of the movie that old laptop. Yes. Is that film available anywhere like on Netflix, or well that was the thing I went home, and I immediately look for at the time when we saw it at Nick dis movie club, NANDA luck. But maybe things have changed because films get swapped out on all these digital servers. Are you watching anything right now on the watching recommendation for this week where they're already I love that? I'm I'm watching Russian doll. Are you watching it? We're all very excited time just got very excited. Yes. I am watching. I've seen every episode catching up just started. I've gone back. And I started watching because there's a lot that you miss when you're first watching it because you're kind of in it. And then there are things that happen. Not may I started taking notes right away. Like, this is going to be this kind of show. So I've got notes like this. You know, this animal the cat showed up here. And then like all the pieces, I'm keeping track. All right. Yes. I excited and not take notes or make charts. Yes, david. I'm annoyed because of all the changes that are on the way because some of my favorite shows are out the window, including Jessica Jones. Yes, that's true. That was an essay was canceled. It was a lot all know all of that flexes marvel shows are gone because ABC owns them. All right. So they're gonna take them on. I don't know if they're going to keep the original cast any new episodes. I mean, there's a lot going on a lot of changes going on. And it's all because they all want to have their own streaming services. And it's like guys people are trying to cut the cord to cable, I know well, and a lot of a lot of people turn to well. Now, there's so many there's Hulu Netflix Amazon prime than the big three. We're back in the big three network error because we have the big three streaming. So now, you're gonna have Disney ABC CBS has all access. I been Comcast is launching one with NBA NBC in the next couple of years. So it's like, okay. And it'll be interesting to see how net flicks copes. I agree. That they have is going to be going away. Because for example, all their marvel content. That's Disney's right. They don't plan on sharing it. I'm sure I am not touched a nerve here with. David is very still in the thick of the morning for more marvel series, grieving on the air. Now. Those of you who watch have seen orange is the new black. You'll recognize the star of Russian doll because stars Natasha. Which Tom hush is a big fan of. Oh, yeah. From all the way back in the American pie day. What was that cheerleader one? Is this can't like this can't happen? To me. I'm cheers. Cheers. Such a great mid nineties memory, so good. Well, and this is co created by her Amy Poehler, and now I feel badly that I don't know who the third woman is because there are three of them that both created this have been writing this and producing it, which is an incredible feat. Because this is wild storytelling layer upon layer layers. I was just gonna say layers, and but very accessible, Patty. Earlier and look I'm only a few episodes in. So she might know better than I do. But I think I get the idea you can watch it and just take it in. You don't have to take notes. Like, I said that. I did I'm gonna talk about it. That's why I'm taking notes, but just watch it take it in. And there's all these details. And then it is, you know, it's so rich. There's so much to notice you can go through the second time and see that stuff the first time through maybe just enjoying tasha leones performance because she is boy entertaining from the get-go. We just hit the ground running with this show. Don't we padding? No doubt about it. Let's talk a little bit more about it. When we come back. Right. Gotta take a break and three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred. We're listening to John katie's recommendation. What he's what he's watching right now. What are you watching three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred because when he's done with that he's going to need something to take down like sort of reset the table a little bit. Me what you're watching old or new I'm watching creek more after this on seven twenty everyone knows that more after this on seven twenty WGN can't say the other word..

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