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But I bet that's just a one time with the music or no. Apparently with the music. Oh, wow. Yeah. But him and Ziggler also a baby face. Yeah. It's like when he first showed up. Why can't you just be a heel and use that gimmick? Yeah. Like wind stuff. Yeah. Like win, matches. You know, like when he used to win. Remember when he used to win? I don't. My daddy used to love it when I used to win. Talladega nights. Anything else? Yeah. Kurt Angle posted on his Instagram, thank you for all your prayers and best wishes to my two knee replacement surgeries today. I did not say get better wishes. I was going to say it at the end. Get better wishes. Get better wishes, Kurt. I was gonna put that, but I don't know if people would get it. Are you kidding? We have fans that in person. They're like, get better with when I was in the hospital. I had so many get better wishes. I know. It needs to be a shirt. So yeah, he had two knee replacement surgeries, so he's going to be going through a lot of rehab. And he said, if I want to gold medal with a broken freaking neck, I can handle this. Sure. What is it? What is it? Knee replacement knee replacement. So we already had that. Right, yeah. Yeah, get better wishes and let it's a cartoon of Kurt Angle like dumb Kurt Angle face. Oh yeah. Like dumb face cart. Like about to get when he was about to when Triple H punched him and he did that. I love that. Get better wishes. Be awesome. Anything else? No, I saw him. Rumor time. Tell me. Kevin Owens wins back the universal title? Maybe. Bel Air club to finally get a second member? Two, three. Brock Lesnar willingly works a full schedule? No chance. Next year's WrestleMania will be in Saudi Arabia. So the Wrestling Observer reports that Sasha Banks was upset earlier this year when Ronda Rousey was given a title match at WrestleMania, which WWE originally had planned for her. I'm also pretty sure that Sasha was supposed to win the Royal Rumble until Rousey agreed to return. Right. And that's when she even put on Instagram like that that video of the baby crying, but then they hand the baby money and she smiles. I was like, oh, maybe they gave her some money to make her happy. Right. But there's also reports that Sasha and Naomi's contracts both expire in the next two months. However, WWE might freeze their contracts like they have in the past with other talents. Like when they like Jeff Hardy was injured, they froze his contract. Right. That's why Matt Hardy was his contract was up before Jeff. That's crazy. And if you're suspended, well, we're going to freeze your contracts. It's such bullshit. Someone's got to take them to court. That is such Andrew Yang was acting like he was going to fucking do that. Yeah. And then never did anything about it. With the whole zelina Vega thing. So then Sasha's husband and WWE costume designer tweeted the bullshit being spewed his next level. Wow, so. Yeah. I'm sure he hears everything. Sasha has not been on social media at all. Like no Instagram stories, nothing. No. I'm not sure about Naomi either, but I don't think so. And that's really a string considering her husband is in the biggest storyline in the company. Mercedes is all elite. Could you fucking imagine? Be crazy. Also, ringside news claims hard land. Harland was planned to be the fourth member of Judgment Day before he was fired by WWE. Idiots. There's other reports saying WWE found something out about harland, which was why he was released. Maybe he was in a porno too? Maybe? Yeah. It's going to be harland and Lara Sullivan. Yeah. Or they start an only fans and all right, any other rumors, guys? No, no. All right then. Trivia time. All right, so the bloodline has a lot of titles right now. A lot of titles. Really just right if you're combining a ball. But what faction WWE? Is that the most titles at one time? Evolution? That is incorrect. There's only, well, I don't want to say anything else. Any other guesses? Degeneration X the court make manually. The corporation. Okay. The Rock, when The Rock was champion shamrock and boss man, we're not only tag team champions, but hardcore and Intercontinental Champion. They had every title that existed at that time. I believe. Nice. So there you go. One second, 'cause they did have the tags and the icy and I thought like when he was Stephanie and Triple H like running DX like Xbox had European and the new age outlaws had the tag and like she had the women's and he had the WWF. I don't think they think that was that. Well I think wasn't that after Triple H and Stephanie bailed on DX. Like Stephanie was never a part of the X so once Triple H got back with Stephanie, like DX was over with. After all that. Or God with Stephanie, whatever. Like DX was done. There was Stephanie was never doing suck it. Right, right. Right. So that was DX was over with, but all right, nice. Let's do fan question. Roll up sore. Does via remind you does veer remind anyone of a less coped up animal from the Muppets? Sure. Kind of, I guess. Harry gibberish. That's kind of sound like him. Right, right? Alex produced co don't you guys think it'd be smart to have Roman drop his titles to the next money in the bank winner. It protects Roman because they can cash in after a match, and you can put over the next big babyface and Roman doesn't look weak. I think that's probably what they're gonna do with Cody. Maybe. Probably, yeah. Or yeah, but Cody's the kind of baby face that would win money in the bank and then tell Roman like the exact time and place that's gonna come, it's gonna happen. Fuck that. Like John Cena. Right. I will cash this in that summer. I think so. Andy piccone pushed for our berry selling your own move. Crispin was flying headbutt. Sell it on fire. Yeah, because he's always acting like you don't want to kill your family. RVD frog splash or Ric Flair when someone turned over his figure four. Well, if it's the real, the figure four is flipping a figure four in real life doesn't hurt you. It doesn't do anything. Yeah, but it doesn't still hurts the other person. Right. It does. Yeah. To answer his question, it does. The answer is question. I like when it was RVD, right? The fox class? Yeah. When he would do the frog splash, he would really like fall off and holding his stomach, you know what I mean? Right. Like selling that it really hurt his end as well. That's what I would pick. I mean, RVD's arch dick first almost and takes all of it. So push it. Get it first. JT pizzani, I usually try to keep my comments funny or light. But are we honestly moving on without Sasha and Naomi? I wonder what Jimmy Uso stance is on his wife being suspended. I'm sure he doesn't really care because he's getting a shit ton of money and he's dual champs. Sure, it's awkward, though. Sure, right. It's probably gonna be like, yeah, man, WWE sucks..

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