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The title picture as it's really never been done before even even guys that were enhancement guys that end up as as big names do not go to the title picture that quickly so it was really really interesting and you can't deny the improvement the gender has made overly over the last year and a half in terms of his promo in terms of his in ring in terms of his physical everything gender seems to have dedicated himself to it so i got the chance to sit down and have a conversation with gender mahal about everything that's happened over the last year and a half or so uh i think he's a very very interesting guy i think you guys will too ladies and gentlemen this week on sam robert wrestling podcast it's the one and only gender mojo and now thus sam roberts rustling podcast interview watt surprisingly i think for the first time ever welcome to the wrestling podcast gender mahal was the half gender her worked at a fair bit you have it merely corker yeah thank you for for for doing this you know i've i've watched the you have this kind of amazing rise what kind of amazing career like the story of you in the wwe already is this pretty unbelievable story but mainly because of how quake and sudden 2017 was for you and kind of has continued into 2018 uh when you get it drafted over to smack down for the first time because you were probably the guy who benefited from that shakeup the most i would say you know without herdsmen were you ready to get launched as quickly as you were were you surprised by how quickly everything happened.

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