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The two boys were actually jewish and that their mother was taking oath annually she takes them should see santa claus or christmas lights and just to learn about uh what christians are doing to celebrate christmas in other holidays as well so we talked in uh i wish them a happy hottie can ask him what they wanted for honda in the mother and i i know a little bit of the dragged song in the mother high thing the tradel song for the only in america and i mean literally willie santa claus seemed dribbles song with a jewish mother really literally only in eric on earth go ahead live okay well the the question i need the reason i wanted to call you because i wanted to say something i guess i was trying to say something profound uh poison and just as they were leaving i i did say to them i wanted them to understand that um john that christians celebrate christmas is to honor the birth of a little julius boy and the mothers thing to like yeah i said that i kind of would like your opinion as to whether that was it was it was thing to say only proper thing to say that cell live explain it when my little kids were little uh this is what christians are doing their honoring the birth to examine the kids look up a mingle because in jewish life they're not doing much honoring of jewish the so so many jews fleet from an back in a moment naomi scott with srn news i'm bob agnew in washington president trump is expressing gratitude for us troops for their service and assuring them quote were really winning against america's foes his thanksgiving remarks also celebrate his own leadership the previous administration did not let john the ground do their job the president spoke by video conference with soldiers in afghanistan he and the first lady also paid a visit to a coast guard station near the presence maher lago club and provided launch near the.

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