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B. or whoever it is like in like, those are the people who I just like I would like to have discussion with them, but that's also. You know, it's it's a weird one of those things as a chicken or the egg. Like a lot of times I ended up wanting to talk to someone like Molly because I saw her present or I saw, you know, you know, some education self that she put together or someone said you, you know, you got to really talk to Molly Galbraith. You gotta talk to, and that's how a lot of this stuff happens is a lot through word of mouth. But again, I should take some of that responsibility as well to do a better job a getting some more diverse in more voices on this show going forward, and I will work on that does it's, it's it's, it's it's as I criticize other folks. It is also tough on something like this because then I get to meet new people and kind of introvert well, and yeah, and Phil important to get introspective. You know, I'm consistently checking myself like there are things that just like that lie out of my mouth because they're things that I've heard and said for years, and I say them and I'm just like, ooh. Like the other day, it was a few weeks ago and I was talking about like a tank top or whatever. And I was said something something something was wearing a wife beater, and I was like, oh my God, and I just like literally stopped in my tracks and just like my heartfelt on my stomach, and I'm like, holy cow for the first twenty something years of my life. That's what I called that type of like thin white ribbed tank top. Right? Because that is what people wear. I live in Kentucky call that, and I'm like, holy smokes. That is literally normalizing in desensitizing people to intimate partner violence, which is something that thirty percent of women experience in their life. And it's like, you know, these things again, fly out of our mouths and I'm just like, I can't even believe that. I just said that. So I want to be super clear. I am not talking about this from a pedestal, looking down upon people who are behaving inappropriately, or you know, saying things that aren't okay or whatever, like we are all constant. Learning and developing, and I am not above reproach. So I'm consistently open to to feedback for my community or anyone who's listening to this. I'm just doing the best I can. I'm kind of like everybody else. I'm fumbling through learning about a lot of these topics in sharing it, sharing it with our community in there some ways in which I'm leading people in other ways in which I'm being led. And so the people who worked on the course we had, I think I can't. I told you this on on the show or off, but we had a multiple women who contributed to the course. So we had a woman who has ten years of experience in HR in harassment prevention in investigating harassment claims, and she does anti harassment workshops. We have a a woman who's a sexuality educator and has been for a number of years. She's written a ton of great articles for us on things like consent in returning to your sexuality after sexual assault. And then we had another woman who who is. Sexual harassment and assault survivor herself, who's been a coach in industry for over a decade. We had lots of information. We were able to pull from previous articles from Keach dis in women's studies in psychology on the topic. And so we just had all of these super brilliant people contribute to on to pull this information together and make sure that it's really sound and then it's really accessible. I think you know, it's really important to use plain language to use lots of stories in examples to help people understand, you know about topics that that might feel new to them or might feel sensitive to them. And so, yeah, so the courses not only filled with giving you a broader understanding in context for all these conversations that we're having. But we provide lots of stories in examples of how this is showing up in the fitness space from trainer to trainer from, you know, client to train her attorney declined from Jim member to Jim member and then give lots of actionable steps because you..

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