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Breakfast podcast. Today's tip is to save time by picking up the phone. Once upon a time in thirty years ago, people who wish to communicate instantaneously with someone generally had to pick up their phones and call them. There were downsides to this method. Sometimes people were out and before cell phones that meant their phones weren't with them. Sometimes people were busy doing other things explaining what you want on, the phone has never been easy. You have to put yourself out there. The recipient of the call would have to respond in some way even if she or he hadn't been anticipating the question. Email and text have solve many of these problems. People can read and respond when it's convenient for them, you can explain what you want in disembodied words, so any rejection or stated responses. Don't hit you so personally. Because of these upsides we have a tendency to email or text to the exclusion of phone calls. Indeed, there are some people who are basically never pick up the phone to call someone, and that's a shame because calling is often the most efficient way to do anything complicated. Arranging dinner with a friend, the back and forth on scheduling restaurant choice a reminder that your friend was going to ask her roommate to join, but she's got a shellfish allergies, so maybe not the crab shack, but how about that Mexican place across the street? All this can easily stretch to a dozen emails or texts. While ringing phone technically interrupts whatever you're doing. It does so once you chat through the shellfish allergy issue and make a plan. Then you are done. Whereas those dozen tax will interrupt you a dozen times. That's not more efficient. The phone also allows you to hear emotions and react based on that. You can soften responses and reassure people. So that makes it a good choice for any conversations. That might be sensitive. There is some evidence that emails are perceived more negatively than the sender intended. The vocal calibrations you hear on the phone, allow you to interpret the sender's true intentions. Why does this matter for efficiency well, misunderstandings waste all kinds of time. Your colleagues spends hours wondering whether you're mad at him rather than on advancing your team's project. So go ahead and pick up the phone next time. You need to work through anything complicated. If you know the person, you actually don't need to arrange a time to call, you can just call. The sheer logistics of arranging a time can eat up anytime. Savings instead learn to communicate through this relatively old fashioned method, and you can spend your save time doing other things like cleaning out your inbox. In the meantime, this Laura thanks for listening and here's to making the most of our time. Hey everybody. I'd love to hear from you. You can send me your tips your questions or anything else. Just connect with me on twitter, facebook and Instagram at before breakfast pot. That's be the number four then breakfast P O d. You can also shoot me an email at before breakfast podcasts at iheartmedia dot com that before breakfast is spelled out with all the letters..

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