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This is Wm VP Packers Sunday in Green Bay Aaron Rodgers receiver Davante Adams both listed as questionable. Rogers has been held up out of practice this week after injuring his left knee and Sunday nights. Comeback win at home against the Chicago Bears. This Sean Kaiser would start a Rogers is unable to go. Falcons. Running back. Devante Freeman out Sunday due to a knee injury. Kevin Coleman will start in his place. Head coach. Dan, Quinn is hopeful that freemen won't be out long college football tonight on ESPN television. Memphis, one eighty one points in the first quarter now in the second leading at home twenty one ten against Georgia state Darah Durell Henderson over one hundred yards rushing. And a touchdown in the first quarter number four, Ohio State number fifteen TCU Saturday night from AT and T stadium in Arlington, Texas, TCU head coach Gary Patterson earlier today with tollikson winger guys before a lot of these guys. So we're. Watch him dome. House tastes playing very well. Right now, how some talented guys, but not she's been in this position thousand times where you're the end the dog and new things. That's kind of where we've got to him where we want state quarterback Wayne Haskins nine touchdown passes in the buckeyes. I two wins of the season. Ohio State TCU Saturday nights on ABC TV canal Alvarez Gennady Golob in both making weight leading up to Saturday night's fight in Las Vegas, go. It's considered the favourite for the rematch Yankees five runs in the first any now a five nothing in the third at home against the Blue Jays. Cardinals right in the middle of a Chan pack National League playoff race and Vico head-to-head this weekend..

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