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Ohio, lawmaker's face to June fourteenth deadline to draw the new congressional districts, the date in Michigan August. First. The largest data breach to date. And it comes from a company right here in southern California. That story in six minutes at eleven forty one right now it's eleven thirty five ten excuse me, ten thirty five I'm an hour ahead. Traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives. Let's go to Barbara Brooks. Let's HP heading to industries six oh, five. Southbound for the sixty they're going to check on reports car that flew over the side went down the embankment. So not really visible from the freeway, there's going to be activity off to the right shoulder. Once they arrive clearing a crash in Norwalk from the center divider, five southbound for rosecrans watch out for delays there from before Norwalk boulevard. It is easing up as you make your way through there. And we've got a lot of heavy traffic tonight in the Cahoon pass on the fifteen northbound still jammed up leaving Sierra to the one thirty eight looks like it's slowly thinning out, but not as quickly as you'd like it to if you're trying to head out of town here going to have a long drive through there. And it looks like you still. Delays on Kahan boulevard as well, leaving Kenwood toward Clegg horn and watch out for delays round LAX, lots of hooks trying to pick someone up or catch a flight. You're gonna find. It's extra heavy tonight around the airport loop, especially on the upper level about forty minutes to get all the way around twenty minutes on the lower level. But very heavily congested on both of them surface streets. Taking use an extra time as well about fifteen to twenty minutes to get into the airport on either sepulveda's or century. And you got a problem downtown CHP on the way to check on a pickup truck fire ten eastbound before maple that slowing things down a bit. Still quite busy on the one ten northbound Martin Luther King junior boulevard to stadium way. And if you see something become a traffic tipster called KNX, Ellie, netra traffic, tip line three two, three four six seven ten seventy your next report ten forty five. I'm Barbara Brooks. More traffic reports,.

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