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Covert variant probably isn't the on Lee one in the county with this strain as we hear from Jeff Paul, they say, because he didn't travel. They don't believe this is an isolated case, meaning there's likely more people walking around with this same new variant. First U. S case was in Colorado, where they now report a likely second case as they investigate both. There are National Guard members who worked at the same assistant living facility. Health officials say the cases, though, may have been acquired before the two arrived at the care center. And they say there's no evidence that variant is in the facility. The governor requested a temporary pause on all nursing home visitation so residents and staff could be vaccinated. And scientists say a lack of travel history in the cases means the new variant may have arrived from British travelers over the past two months. The nation's top infectious disease expert says the U. S is playing catch up when it comes to the vaccination schedule. Dr Anthony Fauci says there will always be hiccups when vaccinating an entire country. And he says, getting the entire country vaccinated is a group effort. You can't do it all alone. You have to have a very active participation. The states and local authority and the local public health people to get this done. You absolutely need that. He says He's optimistic for the new year and says it will hopefully be a time for the country to put the pandemic behind us. Los Angeles County supervisor wants to Sandia Base Navy hospital ship to come to their area because of the rising covert cases and overcrowded hospitals. Supervisor Janice Hahn says she's requested Governor Newsome work to get the Navy Mercy Hospital ship along with Army National Guard medical personnel to the Los Angeles area. Year of lockdowns has increased anxiety, stress and loneliness and millions.

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