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No fresh and i was talking about no no no no tom and talking about out a clyde barrow was very depressed there was due to his depression it may be a was uh but this is where uh the fbi and the designation public enemy came into uh into vogue is he really a public enemy fuses robbing one bank were as many banks um well the thing was like bonnie and clyde like the reason why there such a big pop culture figures is that when they started all this up people are like wow you these this sexy couple and you have to remember back then be via would if somebody looked at a betty boop sankoh's they you know word get a boehner so there is an area that i haven't and there is a very low threshold for sexiness um uh and there were likely this sexy couple uh the one guy looks like warren beatty for goodness sake yeah was it a young warren beatty no now he displayed him in the movie display a young warren beatty played him in a movie right uh hastening his name was warned baby warren beatty warren baby eddo isn't that victory when the dick tracy we we gave at it's like i'd like to see the movie a dick tracy stirring little face and warren baby it towfighi mumbles man that movie assault po they they've marketed all those awesome villains and then they all get killed in verse seen yeah dustin hoffman was mumbles yeah who is robert de niro mr big manner so mr big i think with name was a mr pick me uh but he went on think it was mr big you is something like a big behavior something three key no he was in a bunch of it though it but all the other guys that they didn't have big actors play they got but but that looked really cool yeah little face yeah and it didn't they all little phase me more had a big head than a little faciet as normal says phase yeah well that's what the technology allowed at the time um.

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