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Fairfax county martial arts teacher is behind bars on sex abuse charges The juvenile student told police that 35 year old Karen was his martial arts instructor at Potomac kempo in Kingstown but a number of times over the past few months when they were supposed to be in class he says they instead went to Rondon's home in Alexandria where he was sexually assaulted by the instructor Brendan was arrested by fairfax county police on Wednesday and is being held on no bond Police say they don't know if there are more victims but Brendan's worked at the martial arts studios since early 2019 They're encouraging anyone with information about this case or any other inappropriate contact with Brendan to let them know Michelle Morello WTO P news We're coming up on a year since white's ferry stopped operating and it looks like there's a stalemate in the negotiations If nothing happens both sides lose the ferry owner doesn't ever get any revenues The farm was just trying to get more revenue winds up with zero revenue also Montgomery county executive Mark Eldridge says he still opposes a new river crossing bud white's ferry does make a difference to the 800 people who use it daylight It doesn't make or break either of our counties Economically But it is an enormous inconvenience to people and one that we had solved for 300 plus years Neal log can sting double you to news A trendy soap's brand that's a teen favorite has just removed its presence from the social media networks where most young people hang out Lush cosmetics has quit Facebook Instagram TikTok and SnapChat saying there's overwhelming evidence the networks often make teenagers feel badly about themselves and hurt their mental health Lush writes on Facebook we're encouraging our customers to stop scrolling and be somewhere else instead The move could cost tens of millions of dollars Cnet news editor at large insurer tells WTO P lush will probably quietly come back to social after it's made its point about the dangers Or they're going to be someone like Tesla who very publicly dumped their social media but also rely heavily on their customers and public word of mouth to get attention for their products Lush is staying on Twitter and YouTube for now Dmitry sodas W TOP news A handful of spray on antiperspirants are being recalled Old spice high endurance spray old spice below deck powder spray secret aerosol powder fresh and many others are being yanked off store shelves The antiperspirants found to contain benzene that chemical can cause blood disorders and cancers like leukemia but the maker of the products proctor and gamble said daily exposure to the levels of benzene and their products aren't expected to cause adverse health consequences The Food and Drug Administration said you can get a refund if you bought any of the products for a full list of what's affected by the recall do a search on FDA and old spice Jill NATO Fox News 6 44.

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