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So they would take part in there. I call it the cocktail circuit thing. He was married to police. Their divorce was finalized in 19 forties. Okay, and he leaves, she stays. She stays. She stays here until the end of her life in 1951. So in a lot of ways, this is really Pauline's house. She's just not the famous one who lived here. And when he came back. He said he found it too sad to come back. Yeah. He Hemingway was either the life of the party or he was burning bridges left and white right, so he had burned a lot of bridges in his divorce with Pauline. So the island was never a comfortable place for him to be again. So he stayed in Cuba, which gave him access to the deep sea fishing and the Spanish culture that you love. Was this considered a nice house back then an upper level. How One of the reasons that this house stayed vacant for so long is because it was so big because it was so almost unaffordable. I'm not unaffordable to and it's a large packet of land even back then, um, and so it was almost unaffordable and very costly to upkeep. This Pauline's wealth and her family wealth that made this possible for them. So in the twenties when he gets here He didn't live in that house right away. No, he lived where When he first lived in an apartment and over the Ford Agency because that he came here because he's supposed to pick up on your board. And it wasn't ready and the four agency was about it was had apartment so they put him up in one day apartment. And he liked it so much. Then he decided to come back right next year. I find it so interesting that he came here and there was no where no one around. No, no one was around, and he said he ordered his books wants to show people what he actually does for a living. They didn't know who he was. Could you send some of my books? Dan when I found it Also interesting is that Key West was going bankrupt around the Depression. Yes, Yes, it was. It went from in a span of life. Want to say maybe 30 ish years It went from being the one of the wealthiest cities per capita in America to being the poorest. Um, so and the depression with, you know the fishing in the shipping industries. So where does this room this is the dining room. And if you look right here, this is the way Ernest Hemingway look when he lived in Key West, and he looks a little bit more like Burt Reynolds or Magnum P. Then he does like Santa Claus and the pictures are used to seeing and then he's young and he's handsome and he's attractive. And he really he knows it. And that's how we end up with the four wives. I'm pretty sure that Pauline, his ex wife didn't have the other ex wives on the wall with this does give you an idea. We had four wives. Yes, we call this the wall of lives so We have Hadley Richardson, who was the parish years if you've ever read the book to Paris wife That's about her, Um Pauline Pfeiffer, who you know, was his wife within this house. Martha Gellhorn, who stole Hemingway from Pauline. Pauline didn't even realize what was going on, despite the fact that Martha was doing to her what she had done to happily, but they moved to Cuba. And then, um, when Hemingway started the affair with Mary Welsh in World War two after stealing that job from Martha Gellhorn covered World War two, he stole that job from her. She left him over that affair, And then he married Mary Walsh and she was his wife until the end. We lived in both Cuba and either.

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