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All done after the fact. Yeah. And that goes for that goes for lava human people in here too. Because like, I said, you know. Tim when he would because the thing with Tim like, I you kinda miss that development with him because if. If Tim main not being Pika choose straight man than he's running screaming from a special effect on explosion laser something. Yeah. It's just that at this point. The movie I'm not I'm not saying it's terrible. But it really is is is something where we started out with human characters, and I was kinda getting into they really do start to be pushed back by the Pok Mon and the Pokemon Lord. And they become less significant. I mean, even with people like Kathryn Newton who plays Lucy Stevens. She's see star now trying to solve a mystery leg him, and as she gets more into it. She kind of barely becomes just a love interest and tag along. Well, it's making the beginning like with so many of these it was so much that she had a lot of her character was on a developed, but she was bit of a cartoon. But she seemed like she had real purpose purpose. Yeah. She was she was trying to solve a mystery. Yeah. And in the long movie goes on the more. She's just a side kick of the character tag along. Yeah. Just barely a love interest. Just some they don't even they don't even let them kiss just like he says person, I'm kind of attracted. Two. Komo lease seal the do. Let me see I'll walk into a hotel room. It'll be beat be active with it. Yeah. Yeah. I'm not even saying that that's necessarily a bad thing. Now, not necessarily. It's just I think it's just good for people to know ahead of time that, you know, once Pika chew arrives in the movie, the movie becomes less. The movie becomes less about the human characters and becomes more about Pok Mon in the history from the games, which means that it'll work better for fans, if you're a casual viewer who's just kinda strolling in without knowing anything there's going to get to a point where you go to say what the fuck is happening. I don't know any of this. I know this because I was sitting next to two older woman critic. And by the end of it. She was just losing her mind. I I read a bunch of things even even critics positive your really don't know what's going on. Yeah. Is very frenetic and things are happening everywhere. And I kinda got lost. I can say I didn't get loss. Not because I know about Pok Mon, but just because it just it apes Roger rabbit so much for who framed Roger rabbit so much. I was like all right. It's just following the same breadcrumbs, so I know from that. And I can just parse. Okay. This is that this is that this is this. All right. I can I can see where it's going matter of fact to the point where the movie I like you like, I don't I don't think it's necessarily bad, and I want to beat up on it. But once you get past the first act it is so telegraphed like especially in a third act. Everything is so telegraph. They just moving from thing that thing that thing you, okay? Most units. I can't tell you what you knew. But I have a feeling like without know about poking Mont. And there was some things like, I know the pattern. But I don't know what the fuck is going on with this shore. You know because he kept throwing other things in there. And I was like, okay, don't get distracted by that. It'd be real easy to get distracted by these things here. Yeah. It just gives the point where they it just felt like a non-euro was making up this. Yeah. And really just things were happening. I'm not saying that as an insult you you better than the woman who sit next because she just went mad at a kind of laugh at first stuff that was funny. And then by the like. You don't even knows happening. Now, he's like, no, I'm I'm losing my fucking mind on those. I don't know what happened because you know, people could there are things in there that happened that again as a pattern that goes by with this. But there there were things like all right? It just feels like that was made up on the spot and like four blockbuster. Now having said that fans for millions poking mind,.

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