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Welcome to intersections part of the brookings podcast network i'm your host adriana pita with me today arjun son donnas and fellow here brookings and visiting scholar with east asia project at the henry elston center also whitney steinman also a non resident fellow brookings and senior international advisor for africa covington burling thank you both being used to be here so when we had originally planned this we were going to talk about the now former secretary of state rex tillerson africa so i still wants to talk about his trip and maybe what affects us missile may have had on the outcomes at that trips we also wanted to particularly look at the state of us and chinese policies investment and competition on the continent of africa to dive right in rex tillerson visited djibouti kenya chad nigeria ultimately cutting short by one day so when he does his firing make his trip just to complete wash out how people reacted to any of the assurance he might have made or what that means for their assessment of the trump administration's priorities let's just say we i've not seen a trump africa policy emerge what we have seen has not been positive there's no question that president trump's alleged derogatory comments about africa were really very unfortunate whether it happened or not very unfortunate secretary tillerson's trip i think had promise secretary tillerson hosted thirty seven foreign ministers in washington last november to set the priorities this trip i guess was an extension of that in my mind sort of a listening tour but i think many of us were in a watching mode what is trump's africa policy now tillerson's gone there is no trump africa policy yet a new secretary of state has been appointed and i think for the near future we're going to continue with many of the problems that we have a lack of appointments in critical positions no embassador.

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