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When you like you get a bald spot to grow in your head and it's like, I, it's, it's all it's the weirdest thing never see unless there's like I get a haircut, and then they show me the mirror thing. And then I have this, like I go, oh God, what's. Is there something I can do about that, but I don't even understand know why I'm thinking that Cody doesn't express anything like go boy, can you do? She's she's more aware that I am. She's seeing the back of my head along with the rest of everybody like more than I am like. He's like, okay, so every day with the tweeting and the everything, we just kind of like, like, we're, we're like, oh, God is. I don't know. Sorry, it's new. It's a crazy thing because it's not new. It's I, I'm, I'm new to it. I. Yeah, yeah. Bowl, friend, like I can't talk about my relationship with ball, does in front of my friend. I know I get it. Didn't start losing your. You can't give me a ball. That must've really interfered with your dating life? Really. Probably it's not dating life. I ever. I have a girl. I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with. I'm like, it's about the. I don't understand why we have feelings about our scalps. Like it doesn't. It scares us. Maybe that's what's going on inside to a little bit scared us to to go. Well, it's falling decaying and fans Amir. But what if your culture said that when you can start to see a man's scalp that that was all still there panel or something. You could. Culture could easily at the fucked up periscope three create for everything. Like, what does that meet? You know, it's like we, but we're like, oh, shit time is passing. That's what that needs to be. Jim, not twenty five, four. Sure. Like no matter how much you've been pastured twenty two Tim, it you can't. I can't talk about this around. You get it. No, you can't. Just like a guy that's playing Udo. You have all reverse cards. Like I don't. It's still a topic I'm allowed day have in my head. I said about, I didn't see should stop talking about this. I should. Ghost pay the ghost. You should have put it in nNcholas cage terms, hey. The who has been close cage movie, pay the ghost. Telling me you haven't seen pays and go. I haven't paid. Oh my God with Audrey. Thank you said only said, pedagogue painted. I. Pay the ghosts. It's one of the eight nNcholas cage movies, nNcholas cage in a box is a service that can come to your. The only way to cheap up with all of the movies. NNcholas cage does every day indicate the Nick cage. Kate comes in, let me out. Let me out. It comes with a separate package of bees that you activated with. What's that? What's that? What is that? Did you know that the headed, the editor, the bees out of the wicker man in the regular cut the vanilla cut that you get on apple TV because Cody and seen it like you gotta we gotta watch wicker man and no fucking bees. They went to the screening and people were like, holy shit, right? Ono not the bees dot, fuck and hashtag dot com dot org. I.

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