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Welcome back Matt Frazier with us his book that comes out in March of next year when have and calls that we've got to get your back on when the book actually comes out again yeah absolutely it was funny because I'm here on the commercial break in so many people are right into me life and Facebook some people haven't been able to find the book so if you Google when have been called by Matt Frazier or you go to my website mi'kmaq Frasier dot com it's right on the home page if you scroll down that's what you can pre order and all you have to do is type in that time let Amazon search and it pops right up I've done that now have you ever had a case or situation where somebody attempted suicide they died but they tried to stop before it happened you know that's a good question I get think for a minute I mean so they were in the process of committing suicide attempting it and they just want a little too far let's say they change their mind they didn't want to do it but it was too late you know how that happens yeah I'm thinking about it now I've had people in the past will be tempted at and you know people have have come in and they've stopped from doing it but I've never had somebody who was halfway through or in the process you know realize they're making you know making are are wrong decision and tried to turn back because a lot of times you know when somebody does to their say it happened so quickly in the methods that they choose this are so fast that you know there is no time in in a lot of times you know I would say ninety nine percent of the time people not in their right mind what when they're in the state now it's what I've experienced you know this so overwhelmed there either you know sleep deprived there either on medication the influence of something that their mind is and it's not working the way that you know a normal person's ward you know this this is so many emotions of the flood of emotions that they dealing with that they're experiencing so there's a there's no what we've that's there at that that Steve stopped them but what I can tell you is that there have been many cases where they've tried in the past and people have intervened and stop them and you know what this happens a lot and the reason why this happens is because people always ask me well you know how come you decided to protect us how come they don't help us how come the you know they're not there when a person you know try to commit suicide and the truth is is that they are you know many times when I'm connected with somebody who passes from suicide they'll come through and they will say that you know they have to attend to than in the past but still there sister would came in right there at the neck it's time to stop them or if you know the error girlfriend or their their wife founded journal with their suicidal thoughts in a hospital and these are all people you know the coincidences or these these way is that family members find out why actually ways that haven't intervening because you know what happens is we have spirit guides with family as we have many people that watch over us and they don't want us to end our life prematurely here in this world you know and that's one of the messages that those who pass of suicide want to share with us the reason why they regret is to let us know here in this world that you know if you're going to a hard time if you're going through a tough situation go and get help talk to your family members talk to your loved ones a lot of friends that thought the feelings that you're going to aren't real you feel like you can't escape it you feel like you can't rebuild you feel like you know your world is crashing down around you but you can only make you stronger you just have to be brave enough to talk to somebody about it you may be too young for this but do you remember the movie it's a wonderful life I actually have not okay Daddy it's a black and white movie starring Jimmy Stewart he's not with us anymore either you've got to rent to math it in professionally you have to rent it for what you do I'm writing because right now I'm sorry it's a beautiful white it's a wonderful life the one it's a wonderful life it's about an individual who in the movie is called George Bailey and he's having a horrendous time with life it's got a great family but he wants to commit suicide and he saved by an angel I wonder what what you've got is a classic movie and for what you do it's perfect tortured you know I'm twenty eight years old yes I sure do I think I'm one of the youngest mediums and in practice you twenty eight going on fifty in terms of your attitude stuff well I'll tell you one thing that the reason why I wrote this book is because you know I know that when I was first you know starting as a as a medium I want to tell find other people who have experienced life experience hi you know I went to other people's childhoods were like I want to understand about you the same questions that you're asking me and there's not much out there especially when it comes to suicide in the afterlife or you know do couples end up back together you know to our pets on the other side what it what's it like on the other side would have been like you know two people have jobs and have and so I wrote about that whole in my book trying to think of the questions that the most of the most frequent questions I get as a medium and the secrets of the afterlife that people don't think to ask and I put it all in there because I wanted this to be a one stop place for people to really get to know the other side because when you get to know have any you get to the afterlife then you think about your loved ones and you don't feel as bad that they passed on because you know that they're at peace you know the great analogy that I used to talk to people who are missing someone and have an and that is if you if somebody moves away let's say you use your son or your daughter or your loved one moved across the country let's say that they moved it to China you missed some you think about them you know your your heart hurts because their way but you're not worried you know you have a sense of peace over you don't get to talk to them every day you don't get to hear from them every day you're at peace because you know that their faith but when somebody passes we automatically when a tree fell like a permanent goodbye we don't think of it as a move we think of as all my god I'm never gonna see this person again all my god this person is not going to be there for my graduation from my wedding or from my promotion oh my god my god not going to get to see my kids my dad's not going to get to see you know be there for the birthday he's not gonna be able to celebrate with us and really that's just the opposite of what it does in depth puts that feeling also but once you take that away it gets a little bit easier to understand because your loved ones are with you every day and you know the funny part is that everyone is going to cringe when I say this on here is that they can hear every they can hear and see everything that you do and I mean everything that you do George other at all in the bedroom on the trailer anything everything they can see but the thing is and and I see that everybody's like freaks out but think of it this way right like I have security cameras and my health I have access to twenty four seven sure it might be on on my security cameras looking to see what my girlfriend's do when you know while I'm not home looking to see what my counselor from time to do that but you know see what what my girlfriend tool when I'm not home you know if she's if she's actually in the house how long she's spending what she's doing the kitchen which is watching on TV now because you have that level of trust and so you know it's not interesting and also you do give them their level of privacy absolutely and it's the same thing with our loved ones that have access to that information but I think really you know hovering over your bed at night or you know watching you while you're in the bathroom absolutely not you know they have access to it they can see it all but too late you know to the tune into it now have you seen where the other side band has the capability of okay nieces and they can move objects or do whatever they want to do so for me personally no because to me the way that works when I was younger is when they were the strongest in in situations like that for example I remember when I was younger like I said I would see them full body operation I would hear them they would they would yell at me I would hear whispers in the room I would see them up here I think the closest thing that had happened in that way is that when I was younger they were trying to get my attention and I didn't realize it back then but he said just being three four five years old when you when you're seeing and hearing people who are past you don't realize what they want from you and I remember being in the waking up in the middle of the night to my bed shaking like somebody shaking my bed and I could feel the whole bed she's going to look at what a horror movie and I would be yelling and screaming from my mom to come in and the crazy part was is that I could feel it but my mom couldn't so she came in the room like mom the bed shaking the bed shaking in she came in and she put her hand there she's like no no you're the only one that feeling that you know I don't I don't feel that happening and I know that that was that was one of the ways that they were trying to get my attention you know once I started listening to them and I actually started listening to the messages I don't have that anymore I don't have pulling my gear swim in the doors shaking my bed but I we I realize that they're having to go through these experiences because all they wanted for me when I was younger was to listen to them now we right now all that is what you George they realize now the reason why I was having those experiences was because when you're psychic at the other side no was that they can communicate with you with almost like a lake house so you can see it from you know miles and miles away when you're a medium it's like a special like that the other one that the other side knows all my god I can communicate with you I can I can speak to I can connect with you so thanks for me as that person sold his soul fat had pounced in the in the nearby area were you know right now I will I didn't realize it then but I know now with that they would just souls that have passed nearby neighbors friends loved ones that were coming in to try to use me as a way to reach people you know in the surrounding area that we're working on a sure all regarding the life and death vo comedian Robin Williams he was a great actor great comedian he committed suicide he had his own demons in order to do that what will his personality Kerry through to the other side that fun on one little way that's the one thing that I love because to me I feel that when people connected with me and I give them a reading and here and there you know father grandfather grandmother comes to with their personality they know instantly that if they love to wear more importantly a lot of times people come to my attention is so nervous George so come in and they're crying in the nervous in there you don't want people going to a bar getting drinks and the phone number for connecting with the other side and then when their father comes through and he's joking or laughing or teasing next thing you know you know they come in crying and they leave laughing because they're like oh my god that's my doubt yeah it's the same deal so many times people come in they they see gold a medium like me to connect with their loved ones that for some reason they're expecting the worst I don't know why you know this is a misconception that people and and have it on after he or you know they're they're angry or they're upset because it's just the opposite no you you would think in heaven they are jovial absolutely I mean when you order had been tortured by going to TSA you don't have to the TSA the airport and maybe if you take off your shoes and your belt.

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