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Night after nine eleven boom normal hijacking spot twenty two school shootings this year joe twenty two it just keeps happening and it's ridiculous but now we gotta just come together everybody and say look we had it this is it we need the metal detectors you know we need mental illness you know we need to look at these kids at a young age we could see the behavioral patterns that's not a problem and and get the metal detectors that's schools and then prevent them from getting in school adri pollack you lost meadow three months ago now she was murdered by eighteen thousand nine hundred fifty eight the admitted killer in parkland florida at an st high school if you get the opportunity to sit down in this round table and i hope that you do and i'm going to do everything i can to make that happen where do you start what's the first thing you say well you know i was listening to you governor and a few words he said kind of stuck with me he said while the these parents are going to be suffering now for days to come it's not gonna be daesh joe years you know what i mean their lives will never be the same it's not days what when you lose a child and listen it shouldn't have taken the chin take another massacre it's going to happen again where's it going to happen next show louisiana you know any other state out there so the governor's they need to be proactive now like like i i spoke to you about that sheriff and paul county he's being proactive he did what he had to do he's hiring the school board hired about ninety veterans retired law enforcement to start working in these schools it's gonna take all their people now to step up and be proactive governors from other stood in stark contrast to what they're not doing in broward county it happened in broward county and they're taking no steps as far as we can tell me turned away the the errand vice money and in polk county which is further north he's doing everything he can everything that's to prevent another school shooting and other states they need to.

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