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He is you know for for past the hour you're listening to back it will show your talk radio eleven seventy words also comes to talk and i got a special segment lined up for your been talking about my son michael my son michael who recently graduated from boot can't us marine corps boot camp i mean san diego my wife and i went out there early december a graduate december nineties been home with the since then and a lot of you have followed michael's progress going to marine corps and many listeners reached out to me and support watch going on the radio to tell his story which it sounds like a great idea and it's it's going to be contention on a couple of things first of all whether or not he wants to come in which he does but he's also not just my son anymore he's also property the united states government and the marine corps so they're they're going to be there's certain things we can it can not talk about i can't get into political stuff with him so i invited staff sergeant anderson who was one of the gentlemen responsible for recruiting mike to join us in studio this morning both gentlemen are here and i just find out this is the sort of a fun part at the campbell house we have been plagued with some sort of a weird stomach virus that took my wife down on new year's eve took me down monday am i son david the other day my daughter sierra second i'm looking at michel mike was got this this this girl twenty goal in his eyes in apparently he's out he's already been to the toilet once or twice this morning to throw up so i put a bucket next to him just in case settlement it you puke you guys so hopefully he can pull this off this morning so michael welcome to the program glad to have you hear and to staff sergeant anderson light at the onboard as well so michael did i listeners because of a phone your progress over a little bit about how and why you decided he wanted to going to the united states marine corps there's other branch is out there i know you look at the navy we'll talk a lot about you know being a knee dc all things like that so so how and why did you pick the united states.

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