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We usually don't even try to sell membership. We had a great experience see you later hopefully not because it shows forty five minutes late to a thirty minute appointment. If we book you and turn you into a member. The expectations can be met from the customer customer perspective or from the service perspective. It's going to get weird because jim collins says company should limit its growth based on its ability to attract enough of the right people now. That's just one knowledge bomb that jimmy collins has given us. He's he's got a lot of bombs. We got a lot of knowledge bombs and i wanted to have him on the show. I want to get him on the show. Come on jimmy. I've reached out to jimmy and jimmy just he he doesn't he doesn't say yes. Now i know he hasn't said no to me. Personally his assistant his team has said no to me and and so what i wanna do right now thrive nation as i want you to. I want you to take just a moment and i want you to help me get jimmy collins on the show. Oh yeah we're going to do for a second. We're gonna get kind of weird here. I'm gonna makita supplement. Makita kind of this is gonna remove any negative blocks in the universe. I know i'm a christian and i'm just telling you right off the gate right off the jump. I don't believe this is gonna work but i'm just asking for us to try so when i'm gonna do is i'm gonna essay. Jimmy collins come to come to be on the show beyond the thrived after jimmy johns. You know oh. I'm sending out supersonic waves. I'm sitting in a high frequency noise systems in just kinda. Give me some eco action. I'm gonna start to send out vibrations. I don't believe this works. I'm going to try to send it out. There and jimmy collins just to to to throw it back. I'm gonna throw like a boomerang of optimism of hope of gratitude. I'm right now. I'm just saying i've been and why let's say that you've watched the movie. The secret forty seven times and you now believe the law of attraction is how you get jimmy collins on a show like this. I'm going to do it so we go. Jimmy colts. What's you want to be on the thrive time show. You need to be on the thrive time. Shout jimmy because jimmy collins calling jimmy colic's jimmy collins buehler buehler jimmy jimmy we call it. I need you on the threat after me jimmy i need you. We need on the thrive township into the dough joe of mojo you come to us from boulder colorado. It's not working frank okay so now let me read a little bit about jimmy collins and then i'd like for you jason. You have the letter in front have you do. It sounds like this and it's we have proof. Jimmy collins sent me an autograph copy of the book with that letter did he did which kind of feels like a non rejection it feels. I was like he's rejecting me. I don't know i don't listen. I don't think it personal personally that <hes> wolfgang puck has rejected me because he ended up on the show into saying yes almost makes me think less of them. That's true you know what i mean. I'm i'm a clown show. I'm a note no talent joke who just happens to be good at business and so when i get you know <hes> <hes> shutdown by wolfgang wolfgang puck tells me no it. Lets me know this guy's classy. John maxwell told me now we've had him on on the show. Now we've had we had john maxwell on the show with wolfgang puck and john maxwell said no go. I'm not gonna be on the show. I'm thinking classy yeah when the founder of the founder of ritz carlton says now horst schulze. He's been on the show. I say oh man you've classes now and they say yes. I'm like i thought you were better so no let me read you kind of a bio of jim. Collins tyrod. Here's jim collins earned a bachelor of science and mathematical sciences at the university of stanford and and then he earned his m._b._a..

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