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News as it have been in the news now this is box news talk afternoon few life john you it is john gibson a lot of people don't believe that deep state exists is the art of don't want to believe does exist because it really is anti democratic it's it's the kind of things it's it's a notion that there are people in the government whose power or transcend selections that they just stained stay and stay and they do what they want presidents common go secretary is of of the cabinet come and go in it doesn't really matter look it it matters a lot and what we have is a the liberal dig deep state because it requires it it it requires connections intent to close to extend from the government to the media to the pressure groups the black lives matter the move on dot org those kind of people the george source people all of this stuff has to be intertwined in inner connected for it to work one of the main aspects of well one of the main goals of the deep state is to did nine a and convinced the public that it does not exist.

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