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Martina hingis elated dockage his new book though unbreakable is also about the abuse that she suffered for years at the hands of her father and yelena dockage joins us now await up thank you for being with us first of all and we applaud your courage um writing this book why did you want to tell the story now look i think uh hours away growing cruel right about an elderly franco kind of get get a story out it was just a matter when erm inman i will be ready and we shall we for me and it could have done it earlier dan i i wasn't ready i to occur in the book earth people they read the book quoted i'd why um in in the second part of my book of aisles took about battling depression this or is for the sporting life almost on ten years espn enormous committing radio suicide and the espn act espn radio is presented by progressive insurance comparing rates to help you save now that's progressive call or click today and find out how much progressive could save you everyone knows the national debt is now over twenty trillion dollars what happens next rising inflation drops in the dollar's value some experts say another crashes coming or be left of your investments for your children and grandchildren you can fight this not with stocks and bonds but with gold and silver coins in an ira from augusta precious metals during periods of great volatility precious metals regularly outperformed stocks because they are true wealth assets that have real value during the threeyear recovery period after the two thousand eight crash the dow went up only three point five percent while gold more than doubled in price call eight eight eight three four four zero zero nine four and ask for agusta's guy to gold iras.

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