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Boy He just constantly just gave me crap APP all the time. About what like like he treated me like we were on. You know we were on a You know we're on the same team and I was the rookie you know. He was the veteran. And like I had you just constantly just busting my chops you know you gotta get better you know. I was looking at the moneyless. One time time he was behind me. He was number one on the money list. That was one hundred thirtieth on the money list. He's a rookie rookie all the time. The ten year he just it was forced for years of hell with pain But I think the one that made me the most nervous was was ray floyd he just Had that swagger and had that walk and had those is and you know you just didn't know where you stood with with ray so he was a little the very intimidating. I would say everything I've ever heard like ray floyd sounds like the biggest just sounds like a minute. Yeah he and he used it. I mean and he's still. I think has got the record for winning. He won both on the regular tour in the champion's tour in the same year at at age. Fifty or fifty one which one Durrell anyone I guess any turn then he played in something. US senior open and one that or something like that so no no. No other players ever done that. Which is pretty pretty amazing and We've gotten me good friends now. Like in his older older older years. We always seem at the masters. Astor's I do stuff with. At and T. and he's big. At and T. Guy. And I interviewed him and stuff like that and now we have fun with it but When he was a player he was he was all business and he was all school and you had a respect? Them fee came in the fitness van. You know you you get your ass off to fitness table. uh-huh gets on the table and you ever seen anybody cross him One time there was a little altered not an altercation was just a you know he. He Ian George Burns went at it in the fitness fan and I was like in the corner sitting there going. Oh Jeez I have no idea but it was like they were going at it pretty good. That was my rookie year. Yeah it was crazy. I'm curious what on the on the champions tour circuit. It can be kind of a maybe. It's not maybe for you guys. It's easy to see kind of difficult people to prognosticate. Who's going to succeed out here? And who doesn't and for some guys your game just goes into your fifty s or maybe it's late forties and it doesn't come back. Is there anything you can kinda shine a light on for. You know what goes when it goes for a lot of people as a common trend you see and are you able to see guys that are coming out and be like oh I think. He thinks he's going GonNa be successful here but he doesn't know how hard it's going to be. Yeah I think You know you you have to work at it. I think you have to be in pretty good shape. I think the guys that have kept themselves elves in good shape that come out on the champions tour. We're going to continue to play. Well it's the ones that are broken down. That have had a lot of injuries or gain a a lot of weight or just. Don't have the physically. They can't they can't do it. We can and we got those guys might have problems. The other the other issues too is. Yes you you might have been a hall of Famer on you might be in the hall of fame and then you come out here and Paul goydos beaten. Yeah Billy the Andrew Beaton you. Mike Allow Nubia Guys that you beat that you've crushed your whole career in. How do you handle that? How do you handle that mentally? And I. You think you're saying this with a smile interface. Thank you also got a couple of guys. I just you know an rookie but no it's true. I just think that some guys have you know it's a different game again. Now you have to prove yourself again even though you're a hall of Famer or maybe going going to become a hall of Famer of what of your body of work you did on the regulatory when you come out on the champions tour you gotta you gotTa have some edge you have to you have to. You have have to continue to perform if you don't how do you handle that. I mean how do you handle. Nobody wants to finish thirtieth or fortieth in. You know why you know when I came out nick price was was on his way down in for Nick who had who had a nice career on on the champions tour he hurt himself I think he had some shoulder. Injury made me an elbow problem or whatever and he hit the wall and I you know he was just telling me I can't do this anymore. And he he basically retired Though he's what fit in late fifties maybe fifty nine sixty And still plays very well. Good a good Golfer. Unbelievable career you know. Just couldn't do it physically so you have that physical thing and then you have some guys that just how do you deal with the fact that you know a guy that you'd beat mm left and right and now all of a sudden he. He's he's winning. You're not I mean how do you deal with that. So there's a little bit of that too do you think In the coming years most guys are going to come out and play champion store. Well we hope so. We're GONNA see next year Phil. Mickelson turns fifty the US Senior Open. Newport Country Club Newport Rhode Island being a Rhode Islander. I'd love to see Phil you know in his first week. turned fifty play in that tournament. that would be awesome so it feels listening. You Know Phil once you come up to Rhode Island. We'll take good care of you and play in the senior open. But you know we've had our star and he's been unbelievable for a decade over. A decade is is Bernhard Langer. And he's been he's been kind of our Our goto but we need the new GO-TO WHO's going to be the new person that's going to take over Freddy when he comes out. It's a different game It's a it's a different feel. It's like when Tigar I came out and when Tiger player determined tiger doesn't play tournament. They're two different kinds of tournaments The excitement the energy level In for us to have that to to to see Davis Start and play a little bit. I don't know I just read what he's now he's GonNa do TV. I don't I don't know how much golf is GonNa play but having having I'm an R.. Stars out here is huge. Freddie's not playing this week In the Charles Schwab Cup at that hurts us. You Know Steve. stricker is not here. That hurts us. So we we need those guys to to play and Only time will tell to see how many of these big guys WanNa play in. Come out here and want to continue to compete. I think because Phil is a junkyard dog and he loves the competition and he loves to perform can see Phil Plan A pretty good diet on the on the champions tour after he finishes up plan the regulatory for him. It might be fifty five before he decides to maybe play full-time fulltime out here. But so it comes down to the competition and not not necessarily you know. Hey I'm comfortable. I made forty million dollars in my career. Like it's it's just the competition petition. Yeah it's it's of course it's has nothing to do with money can't be half in half out on the t you can't. It's really hard I would imagine to do. Like I'm GONNA to play like ten events this year on the champions tour because like you said guys are grinding. It's not you're not. This is not a vacation. You're not coasting. Well you get to play golf right and you think about the scores. These guys that were all shooting out here is is pretty amazing. So you can't just come out here. I think that if you turn on that turn the light on you're going to go out and shoot you know twenty I five hundred win It just doesn't happen that way but you you get You get these guys that that that just play some great golf so it's It'll be interesting to see I. I hope I hope all the guys that turned fifty. I Know Ernie els exists is excited about coming out and playing gym furious very excited about coming out unplanned. He told me he's still gonNA plan the regulatory this coming year because he's close to the top fifty and he wants to play the masters one more time but he's You know these guys talking about wanting to play the champions tour so if those guys come out then you know then we're in good shape to to to have You know somebody like that. Be The next burn hard and that will carry our tour for the next ten years. Do you ever see the age limit. Dropping for the champion's tour it's been talked about but I I just don't see it. I just I just think that Fifty is a good number I do know that forty five to fifty is no-man's-land for a lot of guys and they have to wait to do it but when you see all of us that it waited now all of a sudden we put it down. A forty-five is economic our tour better. I don't know I don't know maybe maybe yes maybe now I can't answer that all right Morgan. The most we gotta let you go. We really appreciate the appreciate the our loved against the time. Best luck this awesome. Do you have any questions for us. I in huge fans you guys you have no idea. You're up there with Larry David. That's flattering. There is one thing I need to fill in here. You probably don't get this a lot but when I was maybe nine or ten years old my favorite player on Earth because walking off the sixth green at Northfield village. You hand me a glove when I was a kid and my mom took that glove back to Murphy village and had you told told you the story had you sign it and she sent me that picture today. which is the glove that we've kept awesome so a little small interactions over the years so my my stick was Golf balls and gloves I would give to kids. You know all the time. When I was started started I always would get an extra dozen balls from title list so I could do that so I did a commercial with Wesley Brian did did. He's a sketchers kid so we we did this commercial with cooter and I know I've seen it a hundred billion right right so we did this whole day. Yeah shoot and you know when it was over since. Hey won't tell you you flip me a ball to masters you know and I was nine years old crazy. Soul walk at the clinic for Tron High. Yeah yeah sure. Yeah I remember that over Cherokee the unit that I think chip. Beck's kids was on that day. Awesome boys thank. You Appreciate Club Beater Right the club. 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