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Mr bean and of course passed away tragically and Sundays the Superbowl pretty big day for commercials they're supposed to have his funeral originally after the whole Kobe thing they decided well maybe we're not going to do the commercial and my first thought is he didn't die of peanut allergies so I don't know why you guys are going to not have it but they've now decided that they're going to do it why the killing off Mr peanut anyway hundred for probably because he's he's not first of all is probably a chauvinist he's probably part of patriarchy I'm going with that my theory is a new more woke lagoon a walk he's a well go back because he's not easily do right that's a good band name that's what the local the woke lagoon knowledge of that that's come and what was her name money monetary policy I'm still trying to figure out what what can I say monetary voluntary weirdest thing I would ever give a rapper Hey check it out it's monetary parts already awoke is ma'am okay so when you woke to something you're you're you're awoken to the ideas of this new modern world of whatever it is being woke to does that include veganism veganism you know I don't want to be LGBT center like that your eyelid been opened yes your eyes have been opened your well because I have to do with peanuts nothing god I love lagoons let's be real they're called looking for reasons ladies and gentlemen boys and girls all of us have dreamed of this we bought some a long time ago and we thank you don't I'd like to find out what it's really worth and then you do and you go on a great show like antiques roadshow I brought in a Rolex watch that I had purchased while I was in military the amount that you paid even got a ten percent discount so three hundred forty five dollars and ninety seven cents watch like this at auction is worth about four hundred thousand dollars off.

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