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Democrats in congress are leading the charge. For a congressional resolution. Condemning anti semitism. Oh. Okay. We'll probably solve it. Hey. Listen. I think it's time. Says miss Pelosi. I think it's time we take a stand on this important issue. Oh, yeah. You didn't close the border. No, no, no. No, no. You can't you can't dislike Jews. Oh. I know like, wow. Oh, well, Ilhan, Omar our new democrat congressman. Is out there do Hayden, and it's pissing off some of the Jews in our delegation. Okay. Well, let's have a resolution against it. Less republicans. What they think Joe Hayden Hayden. That's that's what we're doing. Do you think that the people that hate Jews? A congressional resolution. Why did we need to do that? She this is stupid. I tell you I needed to do it because the Democrats have in their midst. Some of their Rockstars. Don't like Jews. And it's awkward. And so how do they how do they tamp down there? Jewish donors. Hey gas. Hey, hey, we understand. I got it. She's out there saying all these things, but watch we're gonna do wanna vote and say she shouldn't say that. How about you take off the foreign affairs committee? We don't wanna do that do that. Because on the intersection -ality chart, she gets some points. Let's say she's a woman. She's not why she's foreign born. She may be married to her brother. They can't seem to figure that out or not. But you get extra credit for that. Because anybody who says that's bad. Is hateful and a bigot? And what we should have a congressional resolution. You shouldn't be able to criticize somebody for allegedly being married to their brother just scammer system. And in the alternate point system. She's a Muslim. So as we move forward in this presidential election. The Democrats are vying to push the right buttons. So we have been creating a point system. We don't have it worked out yet. You're welcome to join in. No phone calls. Just Email Michael berry, show dot com. Michael at Michael berry, show dot com or just go to Michael berry, show dot com. And it'll say said Michael Neiman, you can do it through there. So we've decided that the Democrats have a point system for each candidate based on your Dinty, so far the following things are worth one point. Grew up poor, or at least claims to now if you grew up extremely poor or you, can you know, you got some third world background, you probably get some extra points for that. But right now grew up poor Joe, even Joe even fighting Joe Biden grew up in the streets of Pennsylvania, Scranton, Pennsylvania. Grew up pours one point start, a huge, one number two is environmental credentials. So that'll be things that you've done that were environmental. Maybe Al Gore endorses you or something like that. Number three is avowed socialist now that might be worth two points. But I think they're all going to be avowed socialist before it's over. So that might get pressed down. Although nobody has the socialist cred that Bernie does because he's technically not a democrat. He's an independent because he's a socialist. So he may get two points for that. And number four is vegan. That's not environmental credentials. That's a whole different. That's a separate point for that. Now worth two points will be being a woman because that's good Hillary had that going for her. Being Hispanic will be worth to not as good as being black. But it's better than being white tell you that for sure and number three being crippled which so far. They don't have anybody who's crippled. But they may have one who claims that, you know, hey, I was born with, you know, something is some some form of being crippled will be worth two points. Then we moved to the three pointers. Being black history points. There's no doubt about that. Gets you extra credit and blacks outright, Hispanic so Joaquin Castro. You can go ahead and sit down unless you come out as a woman. You're you're done. Being black is worth three points. Being gay is worth three points. Which is why all these people who say that Cory Booker is gay. I don't think they're insulting him. I think they're trying to help him. I think they're trying to help him because he's missing out on the girl points because he's a boy he gets the black points. And he gets you see that comma Harris has trouble with the black points because she's married to white dude, and she's actually biracial. So she's having to establish the black point she's trying to qualify for the black points. And I think she will face. She said she smoked dope. Even though her dad came out and said some things about her that that her family was embarrassed that she said because she's Jamaican of Jamaican descent that but Kamla Harris might lose her black credit because her dad who it would appear really does not want her to win her dad came out. I'll see if I can find this. Article her dad came out and said, look our family owned slaves. They were not slaves. I don't know where that article is. But so I think she's gonna if you're black, but your family owned slaves. And you're you're getting it wrong when to park and and snoop were smoking dope. Or we're we're big and you prosecuted dope smokers that if you're law enforcement, you lose points for that. If you're going to be black, but have a law enforcement background. I think you're gonna lose points in the democrat primary for that. So that remains to be seen so three points black, but black you have to be verified black 'cause blah other blacks will call out your blackness. You know, you're not black enough and gay. But the problem is you have to be openly gay. And so I don't know of Cory Booker is or not I don't care, but it will be very important for him. If he's going to get the three points for being because he's black and gay the fact that he's not a woman because there's not a black gay woman or or. I hadn't thought about this. We moved to the top category, which is the four pointer which is transgender or Muslim if Cory Booker. Decides he's a woman. If he decides he's a woman his black credentials have never been in question, if he decides he's a woman who likes other women he will get a gave over for that. You'll get a transgender point. So that's three six ten and he converts to Islam in does the hutch before midsummer that's eight fourteen points. That's pretty much unstoppable. That's.

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